The Buttercake Factory

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Let me think how should I start this review. Hmmm...

Let's talk about how do I know about The Buttercake Factory. I knew it from my bestie during her baby's full moon party, I ate the cake and found that it's nice. So I asked her where she bought this cake, she told me the shop name and also told me about her comment about this shop.

She said have to beware of this shop because the cake she ordered wasn't arrive on time and she tried to call them many times, but no one answering the call. Whatapps message them also didn't reply. Her husband said she must be cheated by the shop and their photographer actually planned to go a cake before the party start. Lucky end up they did delivered the cake, however it's not as per the promised time.
I can imaging how terrified was that, guest are arriving soon, photographer are ready but without a cake for full moon party.

Now back to my own story. A month ago was my little sister 21st years old birthday. I knew she like Stitch very much so I decided to buy something related to stitch for her.
But i kinda miss the cake taste from The Buttercake Factory, so I decided to purchase the cake from them, but to play safe I go their shop to collect instead of wait for delivery since my bestie told me they can't on time delivery.

When surfing on The Buttercake Factory website to purchase the cake, i found this from their website. I said this will be the present for my little sister. She must be very happy.

On the party day, we went to their shop to collect the cake. When I saw the cake I'm very disappointed because it was not nice as the photo. But no point to argue with them too. Because the staff will told me that "The photo is for illusion purpose only"

I only can said the stitch had some drug and now it's in drug effect, let's take a look on the Drugged Stitch.

Overall, I only can said only the cake body are 90% same as the photo.

Their instagram uploaded all the amazing creation, click in and see those hashtag or tagged on the photos, all are celebrities or some famous company. 
Yes, they are consumer, so do we! We paid for the cake too, but where are the standard of your products? I mean I didn't ask for discount i paid as what you asked for, but I deserved this? Is it because I'm not famous so you can give me a lousy cake? 

Readers, see the TRUE of so called famous online cake shop in KL. 

My comment of this shop is NOT PROFESSIONAL and NOT RESPONSIBLE.

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