Review of 2017

Sunday, March 25, 2018

It's been few years that I didn't update my blog. 

Here are little review over the year of 2017.

Haha I know it's abit late to review it (I know it's almost end of Q1, 2018) but seriously I don't know how to start update back my blog. So got to use this lame topic to start back. XD

1. Bleach my hair once in my life.
2. My continued study is completed.
3. I purchased a domain for my blog.
4. Adopted a Vege Dog from relative.

Start with bleach my hair once in my life. When I was eighteen, my cousin bleach her hair, I was thinking it's cool! I want to do it also. But during that era all the elder told me, Jie, (that is how my family call me, because I'm the eldest among my sibling) you don't follow do that ya, like Lala mui, like "sam seng". -.-"
I'm a good girl, never against elder, so I "sabar" my bleach project.

After 10 years time, finally the era has come. People nowadays colour their hair into green, blue, red and purple and it's common now, furthermore elder already forgot "Lala mui" this address. So, I think it's the time to proceed my YOLO list.

Number 76 was the place that i bleach my hair, here is some out come of the hair colour.

PS : Yes, i gained "some" weight over the year. =(

Alright, next achieved item completed my study at UMcced on Dec 2017 and the final result is out. (No photo for this =P) 

Thanks God that i have passed all the subject and waiting for the convocation in Oct 2018. Stay tune for the photo. 
Previously when I have free time, i would use it for sleep because basically every week have to do assignment. LoL~
But no worry, now I will have more time to update my blog.

If you notice my blog url have changed to YAY! Finally. 
I just wish to own it so I buy it even last year I didn't update my blog. 

Lastly, I adopted a vege dog from relative, so future I will do some pet sharing tips.
This is how he looks like. I will separate share a post is introduce about him. =P

Basically these are the major events happened in 2017, I will update next post soon, hope that my readers are still there.

_.---.__.---._ Yuki L. _.---.__.---._

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