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Sunday, November 06, 2016

What's up, people? How you all doing?
Just a quite update from me. But today sharing is not about food. Sorry ya, if you are foodie follower.

Referring to the Facebook Page : Desk Top Plant, i saw the shop are selling very cute plant so decided to buy it and put it on my office. See the photo is very adorable right? 

PM the seller, the seller replied one for 50 bucks and 10 buck for courier charges. 

I make the payment on Tuesday (01/11/2016), the seller did acknowledged on the payment receipt, so usually seller within one or two days will PM you the courier detail and so on.

I patiently wait and did tried to ask the seller when will them courier out my order, but they no replying my msg but they have read my msg. What the hell?!

Until today (06/11/2016) i beh tahan already, i msg the seller again, they seen my msg again but no reply. 
Usually if busy or out of stock the seller should tell you so story and apologise to you. Non of these action done by them, so i think i ken cheated already.

Just now i told my brother the story, my brother said never mind lah, 60 bucks only, imagine yourself dropped the money lo~

But i think deeply, if this seller one day successful cheated 10 people, which mean the income is 600 bucks. Wah~ Better then rob bank.

So I decided to share this out so that my friend will not kena.

The Seller Name : TEE CHEE HOW
Public Bank Account : 4307072519 


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