Saturday, September 03, 2016

I always think that time is the most precious thing in this world, because it's priceless.
So fast I have blogging for two years time, time flies~

In this two years, I gained a lot of blogging experience and at the same time i also gained "some" weight. Why? Because I didn't workout at all, every day eat more than 3 meals.

Are you guys interest to guess how many kgs I added during this two year?
Hints: My waist increase from 25" to 29.5"

29.5" waist totally is a nightmare for me, when i go shopping i couldn't fit in M size short pant or if the cutting is large i can fit in the pant but it's not nice at all, leg is too fat.
I'm seriously beh tahan myself anymore! I decided to workout and cut down some weight!
No worries, I'm not quiting my blogger job, I still will do food review but just need to balance up my weight.

I tried to download Kayla Itsines workout but it's seem like not suitable for me, because i don't really understand the step. (luckily just downloaded the try version)
End up i just try to go to park jogging and if after work have enough time i will go to gym.

Recently I saw a advertisement from FB, the name attracted me to click in to their page. The very special name Panaz. It originated from malay - Panas mean hot. After read on their FB Page only know it's a slimming pant that can helps to sweating.

Read some reviews, I deciced to purchase one to try on, so if when I'm not free to gym or jogging, i can wear it at home for sweating purpose, i think sweat can helps on blood circle.
I will not have chances to sweat on weekday, because full day in air con environment, seriously not healthy at all. So wish Panaz can helps on this.

Standard service from Panaz. What mean standard? Example: purchased on today, next two day received the order. For me this consider standard.

I have wear for few times and decided to share with my reader, because it really works for sweating.
I wear it when gym time, when doing house work time and Pokémon time!

The pants made by fabric material and designed with pocket, it make my life easier when Pokémon time.

After take off the pant, i tried to use a pcs of tissue to put on my leg, so you can see the wetness, although i just wear at at home for one hours.

So if you having the same problem like I have maybe you can try on Panaz, because it really helps for sweating. You can find out more from their Facebook Page.

And lastly, stay tune for my next food review ya!

Yuki L.

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