Sg Lembing Food Hunting Trip - Part One

Sunday, July 03, 2016

Hello Peeps! I'm just back from Sungai Lembing, just finished edited all the photo, if you have liked my Facebook Page you will see below photo are uploaded. So if you wish to know my instant update give a like to my Facebook Page! 

At first we plan to stay 3D2N at Sungai Lembing, but unfortunately the hotel are fully booked on first day, so we forced to stay one night at Kuantan, let's see itinerary:-

Day One - Kuantan
Day Two - Sungai Lembing, Rainbow Waterfall
Day Two - Sungai Lembing, Mountain Lembing

From Kuantan to Sg Lembing is about one hour road journey, we reached Sg. Lembing around 6AM, so the 1st thing to do is Breakfast. The famous breakfast spot at Sg. Lembing is the Anjung Selera Sungai Lembing which mean the food court. It located at the main street of Sungai Lembing, you definitely can spot it, no worry.

The Map

This is the stall that we ordered, "Brother Curry Mee Stall" (direct translate from mandarin)

Ermm.. To be honest those Yong Tau Fu are so-so only, my advice is just order the white tofu and plain mee soup, they are MUST HAVE food.

The white tofu is really really smooth, it's super nice. The mee soup is slightly different with KL yellow mee, the alkali taste not that strong.

Other than mee soup, you also must try their Tomato Mee, as I know the cook process for this mee is they will fried the mee 1st, then only cook with tomato gravy, that's why it tasted "smoked". =)

The sesame ball (Jian Dui) is another MUST HAVE item. Crispy outer and soft inner, the filling is pandan lotus paste.

Or you can order the kampung egg from the beverage stall. Look at the orange egg yolks (mouth watering)

We have signed the package for going to Rainbow Waterfall from our hotel - Sungai Lembing Hillview Cottage, MYR50 per pax, the fees is included two way transport to Rainbow Waterfall, a snack meal when you reach the top. The white colour modified 4WD is our ride.

Follow the arrow you will reach the point.

Small video shot while i walking in the forest. Yes, Im wearing skort and a pair of slipper. Recommended to wear "Kampung Adidas".

You can see rope tie on those danger spot, it's more safe.

When you see the face mean you almost reach the top. YAY!

Yes, almost there. 
But unfortunately we have no fate with Ms Rainbow, She is on annual leave on that day. T.T
The actual fact is the water is not strong enough, although is sunshine day but still can't see the rainbow.

***** The End of Rainbow Waterfall*****

Move to next part - Lunchiesss
After the rainbow waterfall section, the driver introduced this restaurant to us so we just give a try on it. Overall it taste ok, KL can find better Char Siew & Siew York. 
Other than roasted pork they also selling Bak Kut Teh, never taste on it because it belong to my cousin one.

Day Two lunch at Sungai Lembing Tea House, interesting to know what they sell? 
Other than tea, they do sell egg noodle. tea leave egg and herbal tea.
Remark: The price is consider high if compare to others Lembing food.

The tea leave egg, it taste different when used charcoal boil them.

This is the Full Egg Noodle (direct translate from mandarin again)
I never expect it's nice from the outlook. The noodle texture is super springy, the pork slice and handmade pork ball is delicious, most important is the soup, everyone finished the soup, so you can imagine how nice is it.

Stay Tune for the Part Two!

Good Night, have a sweet dream.

Yuki L.

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