1st Hermo Order [#612anniversary]

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hello Reader! I'm back!
Finally~ A quick update from me, i just finished my 1st half second sem and i did a great job on my 1st sem.
Alright, the 1st post I'm gonna share is about beauty post. Sorry foodies, next post will be food review, ok? stay tune!

I'm a over aged blogger and always not updated on trending stuff, so I don't really know about those canggih online shopping or latest shopping trend. From my little sister there i know about Hermo, i think i no need introduce that much because everybody know about it, except me. Hahahahaha..

They did a great sales during their 4th anniversary (from 12 June - 18 June), some of the products are up to 50% offer (based on what i saw from the website). Overall the platform is really convenient and the product range is huge, product from Korea, Japan, Taiwan and many more also can be found in this website. When normal time some of the product they will sell slightly cheaper than shopping mall. Let's see what I bought for my 1st time purchase.

2 x Laneige Multi Cleanser 180ml
1 x Laneige Multi Cleanser 30ml
1 x Laneige Moisture Lip Balm 5gm
1 x Cerro Qreen Makeup Brush Set (10pcs)

They used about 5 days to ship my order, which is in the lead time given. This time I have done a unboxing video. Hope you guys enjoy it.

But after unbox it I found that they have missed pack 1 pcs of Laneige Multi Cleanser 180ml for me, and extra give me 1 pcs of Multi Cleanser 30ml.
So i used Facebook pm them, they replied on the same day, see below for the reply.

Slightly disappointed on this arrangement because they only can replace the missed post item after i return the extra goods from them. The feeling is like What ?! you missed post a RM63 item to me and i have paid it. Now you worry that I cheat you a 27 bucks?

So this is my 1st experience with Hermo. How about yours? Drop your experience on the comment box.

Yuki L.

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