Monday, February 01, 2016

After finished Bun & Meat makan section, Gary told us that he have little surprise for us. 
Surprise , yay or nay? Of course yay, girls always love surprise.

Ta Da~ The little surprise is Bun & Meat cross over 'sor-bət\.

'sor-bət\, a specialist in creating hand crafted sorbets from Georgetown, Penang. If not mistaken they opened for 6 months plus only, but i think no one will care how long it establish, so long they provide good food right ?

According to Melissa & William aka the founder of 'sor-bət\, they have two type of sorbet - Quench and Indulge.

Quench Series, MYR 29, 550ml (approximately)
Handcrafted with the freshest fruits and ingredients. Preservative free, low fat, and low calorie, Quench is the perfect frozen treat for the whole family.

Indulge, MYR49, 550ml (approximately)
Handcrafted with alcohol and the freshest ingredients. Preservative free, low fat, and low calorie, Indulge is the perfect grown up frozen treat.

The Quench Series
From the left : Asian Lemonade, Sunny Side Up, Bespoke Coconut, The Red Water Boy
Can you guess the ingredient of them? (Except from Bespoke Coconut)

Asian Lemonade (Barley + Lime) - Taste light barley scent and sour, it's very refreshing.
Sunny Side Up (Orange) - It tasted sour and very "sunkist-licious"
Bespoke Coconut - Tasted like smooth ice blended coconut water with chopped coconut meat.
The Red Water Boy - Smooth ice blended watermelon juice.

My favourite is Asian Lemonade.
It's not only tasty but also have a lovely outlook, I think it's really suitable for special occasion like let your guest bring it home as a door gift, each person one bottle. LoLz..
So I asked Melissa do you supply for events or special occasion ? She said yes.
Wow~ Great News, I can purpose to my boss when we have next event.

The wording on the kraft paper is hand wrought by Melissa. She wrote it one by one.
But the sad thing is I didn't get the kraft paper, it keep by another blogger, we shared a box but that we cannot finished all, so have to wrap back the kraft paper. 
So sad, I was thinking paste them into my travel note.. T.T

Other than that 'sor-bət\ encourage re-use the glass bottle, for environment friendly purpose.
If you help them cleaning and reusing the bottle for a variety of purposes or return the bottles to 'sor-bət\ in batches of 5 then you will get a MYR5 discount on your next purchase.

So now you might how do I get it from right? Drive all the way to Penang?
Of course no, if I really did so, sure I will post food hunt in Penang. LoLz.
Thanks for the boss brought it all the way from Penang. 

You can online place the order then within 24 hours they will contact you for order confirmation and advise the collection or delivery detail. 

Or if you just like want to taste one bottle, you can get it from Ministry of Coffee, address as follow:-

Ministry of Coffee
J-G-09, Jalan Solaris
Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bespokesorbet/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/bespokesorbet/
Email : bespokesorbet@gmail.com

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