Chang Beer 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

I believe most of the KL-rian do have happy hours on Thursday or Friday night. The reason to happy hours is too stress, must have some beer. But i think that is worst excuse ever, why can’t just admit that you like to night life?

I admitted that I love night life, love to hang out with friends or colleague, i’m an outgoing person since child time.

Okay, back to the topic, like usual I used to chill at bar with friends on last Friday night at Hard Rock Cafe, so after order food then everyone was swiping own phone, so do I. No matter how i refresh my Facebook, it still prompt out Thailand post. Maybe is because of long weekend most of my friends have short break at Thailand. After read all the post, make me craving for seafood and Chang Beer.

So I ask the waitress come and request her assist to change my order from Mac n Cheese to Seafood Marinara Pasta and order one Chang Beer. (“Kiasu" level gao gao)

The beer served, i though they served wrong beer because in my mind Chang beer is brown colour bottle.

 But see clearly the bottle is with Chang sticker. New look, look elegant right ? Wonder why they changed the look, so i checked on Chang Beer website to find the answer.
The answer is to celebrate 20th year as the quintessential Thai Beer, the management decided to refresh the packaging to reflect the ever-changing face of the land of smiles.

The premium look has been craft in rich emerald green class, with elegant contours. Other than elegant, the hand feeling is very good. 
Having Chang Beer with KL Tower view and chit chat with friends or listen to live band, I felt it's the awesome thing ever.

Refreshing and smooth beer, changed new look but taste still same as old times.

I chose Chang Beer for my occasional drink, how about you ?

#Changbeer #Yukilicious #Yummilicious

Greener, fresher and better
If you interested to check out the New Look Chang, it's here.

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