Thai Syok Thai Food & Yakitori BBQ, 泰爽辣泰式海鲜餐厅

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sawadika~ Today Yummilicious introducing Thai food to my reader. Who love thai food? I think most of the girls like it, especially Tom Yam Soup.

Thai Syok Thai Food & Yakitori BBQ located at Bandar Sunway (shop lot at opposite Sunway Pyramid). This is 2nd branch, the home branch is located at Setia Alam. The business operating since  May 2011, serving traditional southern thai cuisine and Thai inspired Yakitori are the latest idea, you may think why Thai restaurant selling japanese food, but if you been Thailand before, you can easy get skewers from their street food. So here come the yakitori.

The shop is aircond-less one, but won't feel muggy. Some pop song are spinning in the Air. With some Thai decorative item added marks for the atmosphere.

These four cups is Thai Beverage, MYR5 (Hot) MYR6 (Iced)
From left : Milk Tea, Coffee with Milk, Green Milk Tea and Honey Lemon Tea
Kakalina ordered Green Milk Tea for me, surprisingly it is nice and not astringent, not too sweet. Love it.

The Yakitori Combo, MYR19
If you ordered combo set it have 6 different skewer, marinated pork neck, marinated pork belly, holy basil pork grill with lemon grass, skewer pandan chicken, marinated chicken wing and grill tom yum king prawn. Also can order individually, the price is from MYR10 - 15 (3 skewers)
All the skewers marinated well, they all taste good, if you want me choose which one nicer, i would choose pork neck, the juicy and tender meat marinated with house sauce, yum~~

Vegetable Green Curry, MYR14.80
They have other option other than vegetables, like chicken, pork, seafood or king prawn.
Assorted vegetables cooked with creamy coconut milk, green curry paste, thai basil, kraffir lime leaves. 

Seafood Tom Yum, MYR24.30 (Medium), MYR39.10 (Big)
The soup boiled with ginger, lemongrass, karrif lime leave, tomatoes, mushroom, lime juice, variety spices and coconut milk served with prawn, squid, fish and calms. 1st time saw calms in the tom yum soup.
Thai Syok served very nice tom yum soup, it's super spicy. Normally we can taste the spicy when it's still hot, but when it chilled the spicy level will decreased, but Thai Syok's tom yum is different, although it chilled, the spicy still remain. it really hot and spicy.

Thai Fish Cake, MYR15.80 (5 pcs)
Deep fried minced fish meat mixed with chopped karrif lime leave and variety spices.
Here is 10pcs ya, but not selling MYR15.80

Pandan chicken, MYR17.90
Deboned chicken meat marinated with ginger, shallot, lemongrass, variety sauces wrap with pandan leave and deep fried well.
Classic dish for thai restaurant, but not easy to find the nice one. Here you can taste the pandaan chicken with crispy skin with juicy meat.

Gem Som Soup Deep Fried Garouper, (Market Price)
This cook style is new to me, it actually taste like Asam, sour and spicy, on the fish served with kangkung, carrot, pineapples.

Pork Knuckle, MYR30
When people heard thai pork knuckle, they will link to deep fried.
Thai Syok do served braised cook pork knuckle, to prepare this dish need about 4 hours.
Easily split the bone and meat, this mean they have braised it for some times, the meat is juicy and taste bit spicy and sour, the best match is white rice.

Ice Blended Red Rubies, MYR6.90
The boss said the jack fruit are run out of stock, so he replace with mango for us. Yeah~
 Ice blended ice drench with creamy coconut milk, crunchy water chestnut and jelly noodle. 
Ice blended taste better than crushed ice, the texture are more smooth.

Mango with Sweet Glutinous Rice, MYR9.50
Warm and sweet glutinous rice drench with coconut sauce surround by sliced thai mango.

If you think order dishes are too expensive, then you can go for ala carte order. Thai Syok also do served ala carte fried rice and noodle, like Pineapple fried rice, crabmeat fried rice, tom yum seafood mee hoon, the price is from MYR10.90 only. 
And now they do have Chinese New Year Set Dinner, head to their Facebook Page find out more.

No. 15, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Sunway Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 5612 5916

Business Hours : 
11:30AM - 02:30PM | 05:30PM - 10:30PM
Closed on every Wednesday

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Sponsored

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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