Merchant's Lane, 美真林

Thursday, January 07, 2016

Hello January! Wish everyone a happy new year and have an awesome year ahead.
I have a blessed day on the 2nd day of new year. I have date with pretty bloggerina - Stella, KakalinaAdeline and Anfield. The food hunter master Stella suggested this place - Merchant Lane. Four of us straight agreed no objection, all because of it is in our wishlist.
I believe most of the people knew about it, because it's too hipster and I saw a lot people check in there. But as a food blogger I will roughly put some general information here.

Merchant's Lane, a  Asian fusion cafe  A REAL Malaysian style cafe located at Petaling Street (Chee Cheong Kai),  opened since July 2015.

Photo credited to Stella.

There is a parking lot near by the cafe, the parking lot just right behind the Guan Yin Temple, the parking rate is MYR3.50 for one hours, max charges is MYR7.
Then walk along the shop (same row with the parking lot). The Merchant Lane is located at 1st floor, you may try to spot the stationery shop named Kiat Loong Stationery Supplier.

The Parking Lot (screen shot from google map) XD

When the time we arrived is almost full house, luckily  Adeline and Anfield arrived earlier, we only managed get a nice table. The patrons are not only local patron, there also a lot foreigner traveler in the shop.
Do you see the light from the top left of the photo? It natural sunlight, the owner use poly-carbonate roofing panel. 
The wood flooring, rattan Chair,  re-use wood table and the recycle paper roll light make the feel so good, no wonder so many people checked in.

Hello, rattan swing chair!
The old wall make the place feel like old world charm.

Sprial Joss Stick hang on the top, Peony Art piece hang on the wall is a great place for friend gathering and i found that here are more quiet and peaceful.

If you just want to have a cold drink but no place to sit, here is a best option. Lie down at the canvas sling chair enjoy the sun bath and a cup of superfruit lemon tea. Slrup~ Slrup~ 

Rose Honey Milk, MYR12
The pure white cup held the sweet scent of rose and honey. An enticing smell getting stronger when the waitress get closer to us. Do you felt the cup look like China antique cup ?

Ice Long Black, MYR9
I like the ice long black, taste bitter. And most impressive is the coffee didn't turn sour after added ice. I ordered 2 cup of it.

Latte, MYR11
Look at the latte foam, it's super meticulous.
Photo boom ice long black.

Superfruit Lemon Tea, MYR13
I don't know how does it taste like, but i guess it may taste like Ribena + Lemon. Hehehe~

Pipits Nest, MYR16
This is the 1st dish, we all were like super excited, photo shooting non stop.
Deep fried crispy brinjal, onion ring, chicken coated with seasoning batter, served with cheese sauce.
It really look like a nest.

South China Sea, MYR25
Very interesting name, is it because it's fish dish so they name it.
Grilled tender salmon served with soft boil eggs, colorful salsa and brown brown housemade hash.
When the dish served, we took the brown brong thing 1st, if only took one piece only, really cannot taste what is it, but when you take one spoon, you can taste the potatoes scent.

The Taukay, MYR21
Taukay? Translate from Hokkien? LoLz..
It's beef and I accidentally have one bite. >.<
Ermm, i wasn't know it's beef, after i ate one bite, then Stella asked what meat is this? Then Anfield look at the menu only found out it's beef.
Charcoal bun sandwiching juicy beef patty, refreshing pineapple compote, lettuce, peanut sauce, cheese, fried egg, it served with fried brinjal.
The precious one bite, the beef patty have seasoning with spices can't taste the beef scent at all and peanut sauce is very strong make me think of Malacca Satay Celup.

Italian Chow Mien, MYR20
Local style spaghetti. How local? 
Spaghetti served with traditional Malaysian Rendang Chicken.
It's our favorite dish. Who said spaghetti must serve with red sauce or white sauce.

Breakfast, MYR24
Double sunny side up on toast served with sauteed mushroom, cherry tomatoes, baked bean, hash-brown and chicken sausage.
Not sure is it because we have many special dish at beginning, so make this breakfast become normal only.

Better Than Sex, MYR16
Wonder those "dirty minder" thinking what when order this dish,
Pandan roti jala topped with melted cheese and served with strawberries, kaya toast ice cream and a drizzle of gula malacca.
Unfortunately, the part i took is without melted cheese T.T
They said it tasted super nice. Can imagine it's really nice, because the part i took is damn nice already.

Overall I felt the owner is very creative, no matter on the cafe design or the food name, or the food recipes and really is a good place to checked in. 
Forgot to highlight one thing, they using Bodum cup for ice beverage, so the ice will not melt that fast. Last comment if the beverage can up size abit will be great, because it is quite little cup. 

Sweet reminder : If you plan to go there on weekend, remember make reservation 1st. =)

No. 150, Jalan Petaling,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 2022 1736

Business Hours : 10:30AM - 08:00PM | Monday - Sunday

Service :  ¾
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Oppss.. Receipt not with me, sorry..

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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