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Friday, December 04, 2015

Hello reader! I accidentally visited Sushi Hinata on  few weeks  month ago. 
Sorry again, my dearest reader, this post should out by November but my time was fully occupied by work and assignment. If you followed my Instagram you will know that I continue my study at UM.

Here's the little story behind the accident:

We planned for Zerm's buddy birthday dinner. Zerm said lets bring him to Fukuya. Of course I said ok, such fancy restaurant, how could I said no? 

I visited twice to Fukuya, what's in my memory was it not really crowded, so I think no need to do reservation, just direct walk-in. 
But I was totally wrong this time, the waitress told me, it was full house, they unable to arrange a dinner for us. 
Aww~ That was a disaster for me. But still, the problem gonna be solve. 
My mind was blank that moment, I only recalled Sushi Hinata at St. Mary, then I told Zerm let's go for Sushi Hinata and he agreed too, so I faster make a phone call to check the availability. Thanks god, it's available. Then we told the buddy change place due to full house then we depart to St. Mary. 
Luckily we arrived Fukuya earlier than his buddy, if not it's really embarrassing.

*** Story End ***

Sushi Hinata located at St Mary (next to black market). A fine dining Japanese restaurant. Opened since 2013, there also have a sister restaurant at Bangkok. 

A little different with others Japanese restaurant, Hinata serve 85% of nigiri and sashimi, so you have to forget about the noodles, tepanyaki or yakitori for awhile. 

The menu is very simple, for dinner course there is only 4 selection for you chose, menu click here. All of us ordered Nigirizushi course - Kiku.

For those who's still remember that I seldom take raw fish, you might wondering how I survive here. Since there is no hot food for me, I was forced to order what in the menu, in my mind just thinking, if really don't like the taste just give to Zerm. If not full enough then i request for supper. 

The exterior
Classic wood partition and the white color Noren enhance the japanese feel.

The interior
The space is quite limited, there in only 12 seat at the sushi bar and 4 private room. Each room can fit 6 person. My advise is better do reservation.

The table was setup probably when we reach, all the waitress are wore kimono, they are friendly and polite. Classic Japanese music was spinning in the air, make me felt like I'm at real Japan. The atmosphere is very good!

The Appertizer
Not really sure what veggie, is a cold dish, but the sauce is taste a bit sour and yuzu scent.

Steam egg hotchpotch aka Chanwanmushi
I found this chawanmushi got a bit different with what I had before. 
On top of the egg custard, there's a layer of thick gravy (the texture is like chinese shark fin soup), the gravy flavoured and taste very good.
Then i tried to mix with wobbly egg custard, i can said it's the silkiest and smoothest chawanmushi I ever had. It look like very plain but it taste pretty good.
The overall texture is like drinking instead of eating.

9 pieces assorted sushi - Part 1
From the front row, start from the right : Maguro, Hirame, Shima Aji and Konada.
The behind row, start from the right : Tai and Ikura

When the sushi served, i was thinking OMFG~ so raw, no the most familiar salmon lay on the plate. So I told myself that I can do it. I can eat raw. As a food blogger should try everything. 
So I put Ikura into my mouth 1st, because the fishy taste possibility higher than others, but it's not fishy at all, non at all. When the roe touch my tongue, it instant melt, you will feel they burst roe by roe.

9 pieces assorted sushi - Part 2
From the front row, start from the right : Mackerel, Kinmedai, Kamasu
The behind row, start from the right : pickle winter melon and tamago

All the sushi are very fresh, my favorite from above plate is Maguro and Shima Aji. 
Shima Aji texture is more bouncy, you can test the "muscle" of the fish.
And I don't really like Konada and Mackerel, because they are more fishy compare to others, BUT it's still acceptable.
So if you ask me worth it or not, I will say it is. 
But I also heard some comment from friend, they said abit pricey because only served sushi not sashimi.

Miso Soup
Miso soup with tofu and mushroom, simple but taste good.

The Dessert
If I didn't heard wrongly, the waitress told me this is cheese.
Cheese pudding drip with brown sugar syrup, on top sprinkle with almond powder.

A-0-1, Ground Floor, St. Mary Residence,
No.1, Jalan Tengah, 
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 2022 1349

Business Hours:
12:00PM - 03:00PM | 06:00PM - 11:00PM 
Closed on Sunday

Service : ❤  ¾
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR662.30 (Included 6% GST)

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