Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jumpsuit, it's one of my most wanted Wishlist, why it become one of my most wanted Wishlist  because the more difficulty to get, the more I want to get it. 

You might wonder got how hard to get a jumpsuit? Just walk in a boutique, try and give money. That's it, right ? But also need to see after wear nice anot, if not nice how to buy?

Base on above scenario, 100% nice after you try, i think the body height must have 160cm and weight around 48kg. 
But I do not have that tall and slim, so most of the time i only can wear romper like this.

*** "jelly" those tall and thin girl, especially when they wearing jumpsuit to work.   T.T  ***

Let's see some type of jumpsuit in my Wishlist and some jumpsuit info that I found from internet.

Jumpsuits have been getting a huge attention among the ladies these past few years. For the ladies who want a fresh new appearance while looking stylish effortlessly will love flaunting the jumpsuits. As there are many designs of jumpsuits in the market from various brands, it will be difficult for you to choose from to fit their style. Career ladies who love looking fashionable at the workplace can pull off the jumpsuits and still maintain a very professional appearance. Switch those pantsuits and formal shirts with the trendy jumpsuits at work. Take a look at the three must-have jumpsuits for women to show off at the office.

Tube Jumpsuit
It is important to always stay sexy in your own skin and the tube jumpsuit design is the perfect selection. Be stylish chic and daring without ever jeopardizing your sense of professionalism. Accessorize the tube jumpsuit with a nice statement necklace for a dramatic look or go simple with an outerwear. For instance, you can top up the look with a nice cropped blazer or light weight cardigan for the complete sophisticated touch.

Belted Jumpsuit
For the ladies who want to remain simple at the office and still appear elegant, belted jumpsuits will definitely others around you. Show off your curves and silhouette with confidence all day long. Go for any colour of belted jumpsuit design depending on your personal style and be the center of everyone’s attention.

Floral Jumpsuit
Embody your feminine side in the simplistic floral jumpsuit tp show off your womanhood in style at the workplace. Put on the floral one-piece and pair it together with a matching pair of high heels. Look stylishly sleek in the trendy floral one-piece and still maintain your girlish side at work in front of your officemates.

Have you guy try on jumpsuit before? If not give a try on this coming CNY. 
I'm gonna buy a jumpsuit for this CNY. So 1st thing i'm gonna do is work out harder. =P

Yuki Low

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