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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Hey guys, it's November! How was your Halloween party? I didn't celebrate Halloween this year, when you getting older and older you will know why. LoLz..

But i managed to dine in a cafe that have have Halloween atmosphere. It's Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro. Again, thanks for Foodink organised this fancy event on a week ago (almost two weeks). ***stop mumbling ***

Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro, located at Bandar Manjalara, Kepong, new face at this neighborhood, it's about 5 months old only.

If I drive thru this shop, I will think it's a laboratory. Do you guys have the same feeling as me ?

Personally like their logo very muchiesss..
We asked The Boss - Ms Jun, why chose laboratory as the cafe theme? Her answer is unbelievable simple. The answer is she dislike science this subject during school time. And she believe that when you dislike something, you will do the best side of it.

So we here welcome the new and interesting theme cafe. Have you guys been lab theme cafe? For me it's my 1st time, feel free to comment ya.
Although during school time, i seldom get into lab, because I studied in business field. And Ms Jun said usually student will not have much chance to touch all the lab equipment, only the science teacher will show experiment in front the lab, right? So to let everyone have chances to touch or feel the lab equipment, she decided to use real lab equipment.

Good news for all pet lover, Tester Lab Cafe is a pets friendly cafe, you are welcome to bring your pet along, since is laboratory theme cafe, boss are welcome all pets, no matter is snake, hamster, lizard, crocodile or any pets you have, as long as they're behaved and controllable.
The owner, Ms Jun is a pet lover. They actually thinking to bring their own fur kids to cafe, but worries some of the patrons not acceptable. So the project is still holding. Stay tune for the update ya!

How adorable is the cat and dog pot. But wait a minute, look behind the bonsai, the orange rose petal is made from skin of oranges.

With the all white furniture and wall paint colour, the environment enhanced the cozyness.
Customized cement bar & table (smoking area) and the lighting pieces in the cafe are rather eye-catching.

The creativity level not only focus on the interior design or dish-ware. The also did impressive menu design. TaTa~ Do you miss school now? Full Menu click here ya.

Before start the food porn show. Let me go thru the beverage 1st. Actually the lemongrass tea very attract me, but due to the terrible haze, I ordered Yam Milkshake.
Every milkshake contained 2 big scoop of ice cream and full cream milk. The capacity of the milkshake you can see from the beaker, it's more than 500ml. It tasted very milky, but not too sweet.

Mix Berry Milkshake, MYR15

Yam Milkshake, MYR14

Chocolate Orea Cookies Milkshake, MYR14

Chocolate Milkshake, MYR14

Green Tea Blended, MYR14

Green Apple Mojito, MYR12

Virgin Colada, MYR12

Peach Tea, MYR13
The healthy drink in da house, it tasted a bit sour and peachilicious. Ms Jun served this tea drink after our meal section, It's super good for digestion.

Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow, MYR14

Tester Bloody Mary, MYR25
The flask filled with seasoning tomato juice and the two test tube on the right, one filled with Tabasco sauce, another one filled with Vodka. Pour the portion that you want into the beaker, mix well and enjoy.
Le wild delicious appear, I never think that I will like this bloody mary, I think it's super nice. But not much people can accept it. Most of the blogger took a sip only. I finished half cup of it. It taste salty, a bit spicy. It more like a cold soup instead of a cocktail. LoLz..

Tester Screw Driver, MYR25
Same serving method as Bloody Mary. Only different is the flavor.
The flask filled with fresh orange juice and the two test tube on the right, one filled with Lemonade, another one filled with Vodka.

Tester Signature Chicken Chop, MYR14.50
Grilled juicy and tender chicken whole leg served with Tester signature sauce, it come with fries and boiled vegetable. It taste a little bit spicy, 1st time eat chili padi with chicken chop. LoLz. The sauce taste very good. *Liked*

Spaghetti Carbonara, MYR15
Spaghetti with creamy white sauce and chicken fillet on the top. It taste ok and normal, not too bad or too good. The portion definitely worth for 15 bucks.

Tester Nasi Lemak 2, MYR10.90
White rice cooked with creamy coconut milk and pandan leave, it come with a piece of fried chicken, sambal, half piece of boiled egg, anchovies and penuts.

Essence of the dish ---> the fried chicken and sambal.
I cerita about the sambal 1st, the sambal taste sweet and not too spicy, for me it's just nice. The story behind this sambal~~ Klang Valley have two famous Nasi Lemak stall, Jun boss bought the Nasi Lemak from both stall, then she mix the sambal together and found the taste she want. They she asked her chef to do so.

Next is the fried chicken, crispy deep fried juicy tender boneless whole leg chicken coated with seasoning batter. Whole leg usually have a thick oil layer under the skin, Jun boss said they want to keep the chicken skin, so the chicken taste crunchy and crispy. But the thick oil layer will make the fried chicken too oily, so she come out the idea with removed the oil layer and keep the chicken skin. The chef have to do it piece by piece. This effort I'm really appreciated very much!

Tester Cheese Pork Chop, MYR15.50
This dish is similar like cordon bleu, a layer of meat, a layer of ham, a layer of cheese, wrap together coated with breadcrumb and deep fried it. The meat texture is tender like chicken, at first we all taught it's chicken. When the moment cut down, the fancy duo cheese melt out. ** Drooling **

Lamb Shank, MYR27.90
Step to prepare the lamb shank is quite complicated, wash, boil, hit, seosoning and stew.
The whole process took about 48 hours to done 1 lamb shank, before serving chef will slow cook it again. The meat is very tender and juicy, dip with spices sauce. Wow~ Will call out Oh My God! Most important part is the mutton odor not strong at all. *liked*

Fried Pork Ribs, MYR23.90
Jun boss insist to get the pork rib from fresh market aka Pasar Pagi. Because only fresh market are selling fresh pork. 
** what the heck i'm writing, fresh market of course sell fresh meat la **

In term of fresh is mean daily slaughter from farm (amitabha), not those frozen or "black heart" pork.
The differences between pork and beef is once the pig been slaughter, the moisture will outflow, so Jun boss insist to use fresh pork instead of frozen one. 

Deep fried pork rib without any seasoning served with boiled vegetables, fries and in house sesame sauce. The meat texture are more to dry, because rib usually is less fat and after deep fried it will become a little bit dry so you must dip with the salty sesame sauce, then they will balance up the taste.

" I will not say my dishes is the best, but it's not too bad also. "
                                                                                       by Jun Tham, 2015

I love Ms Jun's quote very much, i think this is a must have principle for a F&B owner. Overall, i will marked Tester Laboratory Cafe value for money, you get what you pay. 

The selling point of the shop :

  1. All the lab equipment (beaker, test tube, flask) that used to fill your beverage, it's real lab equipment. All of them are imported from different country like Germany, US and etc.
  2. Pet friendly cafe
  3. Value for money, all the drink and food is serve with big portion.
  4. Serving Asian fusion food, kids or eldest also no worries.
  5. A boss that put a lot of effort on the business.

Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro
48, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Manjalara,
55200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +6014 603 0638

Business Hours : 11:30AM - 11:30PM | Monday - Sunday

Service : ¾
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Sponsored

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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