Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet, IOI Mall Puchong

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet, located at Puchong, 3rd floor of IOI Mall.  It's same company group with Suki-Ya (located at Pavilion and Paradigm Mall).  Thanks for Ryan Lee point out, i double check the website again, seem like there are different management.
More or less they are same concept, buffet style sukiyaki. The only different is Suki-Ya is pork free restaurant, but Sukishi do served pork.
So if you looking for Pork Free sukiyaki please head over to Suki-Ya.
Sukiyaki, is a Japanese dish that prepared and served in the nabemono (Japanese hot pot) style, it consists of of meat which is slowly cooked or simmered at the table, alongside vegetables and others ingredient in a shallow iron pot in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar and mirin. The ingredient are usually dipped with raw, beaten eggs.

An authentic yet casual Japanese Sukiyaki served unlimited free flow dining experience. 2 private rooms is available in IOI Mall branch.

Price per headcount :
MYR29.80++ (Lunch)
MYR39.80++ (Dinner)
Child is 50% off on above price

Sukishi are use high quality ingredients, like Australian slice beef, hormone free pork, farmed chicken slice, healthy spread of vegetable. Patron can eat unlimited tray of them.
They also have 4 different soup base, Shabu Shabu is clear soup, Sukiyaki is the traditional soup, Miso soup and also Kimuchi is Kimchi soup base (spicy).

How to enjoy the delicious Sukiyaki ? See below picture for step by step.

Cannot remember? No worry, they provide a pcs of guideline on every seat. (Like below photo)

Variety of steamboat ingredient is available at the buffet area. The sliced meat you have to order it from the staff, this is to ensure the meat serve in fresh.

Beverage and ice cream are free flow too. But unfortunately when the day I visit the soda machine is out of service. =(

Salad dressing and sauce station

*Photo source from Sukishi Facebook page.

Idatakimas~ Oh ya, the minced pork is MUST have ingredient, it's super nice ! And the soup base i prefer Kimuchi and Sukiyaki. I felt the miso soup is abit salty and shabu shabu I never try before, because banned by friend. They said it's too plain.
The egg they used is fresh pasteurised eggs, it is different with what we used to have. No fishy at all, you only taste the egg scented. (Swallowing saliva)
Super hungry now, kinda suffer when blog before dinner time, but this is the only free time I have. Hope you guys enjoy.

Sukishi Japanese Sukiyaki Buffet
Lot ET5, 3rd Floor, New Wing,
IOI Mall, Puchong, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 8071 8031

Business Hours : 11:00AM - 10:00PM | Daily

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR46.40/Headcount/Adult (included 10% SC and 6% GST)

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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