Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant, Taman Desa

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Annyeong, reader ! Yes, Today yummilicious featuring korean food, that's why I'm greeting with korean. LAME ~.~

Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant located at Taman Danau Desa, kinda famous in klang valley, top 10 Korean BBQ in klang valley. The popularity of this restaurant kinda overdraw, they don't have any social media page, but when you type "Seoul Korea Taman Desa" in google search, you will see a lot of famous blogger visited, some post come out with best korean bbq.

Two years back, my 1st experience on this restaurant was I queued for 1 and half hours for my dinner, I visited during Saturday. I doubt on it while i queuing, "is it really that nice oh?" because patron getting more and more after me. After the dinner I got no doubt at all, it definitely worth for queue. 

Come follow my camera to makan~

The restaurant located at 1st floor, ground floor is a mamak restaurant. If you know Woo Pin Fishhead Noodle, it's just right behind it. 

I marked Taman Danau Desa as hard to find parking spot, but recently I discover a place for parking, but it's chargeable, not free parking la.
After you turn in from main road (road in front Seoul Korea), go straight until end, you will see a building on your left, it's a parking.

Minimum headcount for reservation is 8 person and above, private room is available for 8 person and above too. If your group not that much people better go early lah, because the restaurant capacity is quite limited.

We booked the private room, because we scare we are too noisy and frighten other patrons, so better to closed ourself in a room. Lovely Jia bought this banner for decoration, but we found that no place to tie it, the friendly staff borrow us masking tape to tape it on the wall. So nice.

Order List
1 x Mixture BBQ of assorted Pork Set (Big)
1 x Q Sam Bulgogi
1 x Dalg Gal Bi
2 x Kimchi Ji Qae
1 x Toenjang Ji Qae
1 x Hae Mul Pa Jeon
1 x Hae Mul Kimchi Jeon

Full Menu click here.

Chili paste, raw garlic with green chili and lettuce is served after we place the order.

Mixture BBQ of assorted pork set, MYR190
5 more mins, the staff setup the charcoal burner and start help us to grill the meat. 
Look at the pork belly slice, from the meat color clearly can see it's fresh and it cut perfectly with 1/3 of fat. We ordered mixture BBQ pork (large), it served with pork belly slice, pork shoulder slice, also marinated pork with Korean Traditional sauce and spicy home made sauce.

While waiting the meat cooked, side dishes is served. Total 10 side dishes we have here, awesome right? Dried seaweed, fried scramble eggs, stewed pork, marinated mee hon, kimchi, Miyeok, anchovies and peanut, marinated lotus, lady finger and marinated cucumber.

Hae Mul Pa Jeon, MYR28
Korean fried pancake with spring onion and fresh squids and prawn. The ingredient and batter portion is even, you will not eat too much batter. 
I like Pa Jeon very much. How much do I love Pa Jeon? Like I can finish the whole Pa Jeon alone. If compare this to Ko Hyang, I would prefer Pa Jeon at Ko Hyang, because it's more salty, this is abit tasteless (for me lah).

Kimchi Ji Qae, MYR22
Kimchi soup with enoki mushroom, white cabbage, la la and squid. Sour and spicy is girls flavour taste, i believe most of the girl will like this dish.

Toenjang Ji Qae, MYR22
Soybean paste soup cooked with tofu, leek and lala. This is not spicy soup. No chance to taste it, because finished by colleague. But I guess the taste should be like enhance version of miso soup.

Q Sam Bulgogi, MYR50
Hot marble pan cooked marinated squid and pork. At beginning I felt it's not spicy, but eat more and more, I felt it's very spicy.

Dalg Gal Bi, MYR50
Also hot marble pan cooked style, but different ingredient. Marinated chicken cooked with vegetables and bokki. It's not spicy as Q Sam Bulgogi, taste ok. I prefer BBQ actually, this two dishes were ordered by my colleague.

While introduce others food, the BBQ is ready to eat. Slurp Slurp~
Juicy tender pork shoulder always is my favourite.

Marinated pork in spicy home made sauce. A little bit spicy (for me)

Pork belly Slice cooked perfectly, it's very juicy and chewy. 1/3 fat make the meat more moist, savoury grilled fat, make me non stop eating this.

Last, we got Komugi half bake cheese cake as dessert. 

Seoul Korea BBQ Restaurant, Taman Desa
No.1-1, 1st floor, Plaza Danau 2, 
Jalan 4/109F, Taman Danau Desa, 
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +6012 373 1176

Business Hours : 12:00PM - 10:30PM | Tuesday - Sunday
* Closed on every Monday

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR458.55, 9 Pax (Included 5% SC + 6% GST)

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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