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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Bonjour! 1st post of Oct, have a awesome month ahead. This octorber gonna be so happening, I will keep updating here and also my Dayre. Let's get back to Today's yummilicious. This place was selected by Mr Z. Because It's my big day, my bashday dinner. Woot !

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie, a french cuisine restaurant located at KL downtown opened since June 2011, but currently they are closed for renovation, will reopen in few months. 
If you want to enjoy Nathalie's cuisine during these period, you can try to make your reservation at Nathalie Gourmet Studio located at Publika. Nathalie Gourmet Studio not only a restaurant, they are also a school and a store. Let's see the story about the chef.

Nathalie Arbefeuille is a self taught Chef but through the years, she has had many opportunities to hone her skills through master classes with internationally wellknown industry professionals such as Chef Anne-Sophie Pic (3 Michelin Stars) who helped her to develop her own recipes and style.
For more than ten years Nathalie has organized and prepared fine dining events and cocktail parties for renowned guests and diplomats in Bangkok then in Kuala Lumpur where she’s now been established for 7 years. On 30th April 2010, she opened her restaurant : Nathalie’s  Gourmet Studio. Combining a Cooking Studio where she conducts Cooking Classes for non-professionals food lovers and a Restaurant. Nathalie has also become one of the most popular caterer among the gourmet dinners in Kuala Lumpur and her signature Macarons are the delicacies everyone is craving for in Kuala Lumpur.
As a logical result and with the help of a local partner trusting her, she continued her success story with the opening of a second restaurant, Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie this time downtown KL last June 2011. Her new restaurant is more fine dining in the evening but still affordable for everyone. Cooking means sharing for Nathalie and offering amazing dishes at an affordable price is her leitmotiv for years.
Nathalie has been voted Outstanding Chef of the Year at the Time Out KL Food Awards 2011 and Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie has been shortlisted for the Best New Restaurant Award. She also won the Most Creative Cuisine and Best Starter awards during the Malaysian International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) and has been nominated in 4 other categories during the MIGF.
* Above statement is from

Before we reach the restaurant, Mr Z don't know the actual location, then he stop his car in front of Menara KL and make phone call to the restaurant. The staff who answered the phone call guided him how to go into the parking, the staff actually also walk out to the restaurant checked out our location.

Step in the restaurant, there is no patron. I asked Mr Z, why no patron one? He answered with I have reserved restaurant and I gave him a "WTF" face..

The waiter politely lead us to our seat, my Chasles & Keith heels tapping on the wooden floor, sound very loud, luckily no customer at that moment, if not I think everyone sure look at me. He also gentlemanly help me pull out the chair, after sit down he give us the menu and explain to us, so thoughtful. (Because the menu all are wording, no picture, really appreciate the explanation)

Sophisticated interior, the ambience of the dining area is simple yet classy. French melodies hum from quality speaker.

Mini Baguette and French Butter (complimentary)
After ordered our meal, the drink served within 5 mins, continue a warm mini baguette and butter is served too. Hard surface with soft warm inner, spread with the milky butter, Slrup~ If my stomach can fill more, i would like to have another one.

Nathalie's Selection Three Finger Food (complimentary) 
While we enjoying our baguette, the waiter holding this plate and walk to our table, politely tell us this is complimentary finger food from the Chef while we waiting our food to be served. Waiter told us have to start from the left dish to right.

Tuna Espuma with Zucchini and Salmon Salad 
A cold salad dish served in fine foam method, it will melting in your mouth, while it melting you can taste Tuna smell but salmon bite, I would like to highlight the foam is very fine, if the waiter didn't tell me, i would though it's cream. The taste is incredible and unforgettable. I don't like tuna, but when I said it's nice, it's REAL NICE!

Prawn and Leek Raviolis Reduce Jus
Two layers of thin pasta dough filled with fresh bouncy prawn served with sauce. The raviolis sealed perfectly. And Mr Z asked me put the whole raviolis into mouth, I thought got what surprise like the raviolis will explored and the juice will drip out. Shouldn't listen to him, because the whole action make me cannot taste this dish completely.

Celeriac Veloute Soup with Pesto Sauce
I have no idea what I drank after finished the whole cup of soup, only know it's contain pesto sauce. Overall it tastes creamy, smooth and delicious. Until I unable to bear, I asked the waiter write the finger food menu to me. After got the menu, i google it, only I know what i had that day.

Fennel Cream Soup, MYR37
Creamy fennel soup with roasted tomatoes and on the top soup served with shaved parmesan and rosemary. It's a very very rich soup, suggest to sharing.

Hokkaido Scallop with Leek, MYR75
Actually I have no idea for the name of this dish, original on the menu was "White Asparagus with Hokkaido Scallop" but due to asparagus season was over, this dish is no longer available. So we just ordered I want scallop, please serve the scallop as starter.
Here we got this dish, waiter explain the dish while served, but I only heard few words, maybe I'm too hungry. Pan seared Hokkaido scallop and leek. The scallop cooked perfectly, it taste juicy, fresh, bouncy. Dipped with the espuma jus and leek mash is very awesome!

So sorry reader i couldn't provide the name of this dish, if you want to order, maybe you can try to show this photo to them, i think they can do it for you. 

New Zealand Alfonsino Fish, MYR95
Pan seared Alfonsino fish fillet served with preserved lemon carrot puree, celery tempura. The sauce is chorizo crust cooked with carrot emulsion and reduce fish bone jus.

Duck Breast, MYR88
Marinated pan seared duck breast served with red cabbage stew, cooked brussels sprout, Asian mushrooms in sweet and sour broth and the sauce is espuma natural duck jus.
Medium well duck breast, Juicy meat but I felt that if the meat are more tender, then will be great.

Ice Cream, Sorbet and Macaron Skewer, MYR28

White Chocolate Ice Cream
From the taste i guess it's in house made, you can taste the white chocolate grain while the ice cream melting.

Apple Sorbet
Same as the ice cream, it's in house made. Fresh apple puree, but it's very sour.

Macaron Skewer
Each skewer have 2 macarons, i got the lemon and fruity flavor.
Macaron is one of the best seller in Nathalie Gourmet Studio, they also do conduct class for making macoron. I wonder how good can a macoron be? My experience told me, they are sweet only. (freaking sweet) 
But after I ate the macaron, I found that I was wrong. I taste the fruity taste and it's not too sweet. Thin and crisp delicate shell and the inner part is soft and moist. Best Macaron I ever had. So this entitle #YukiRecommended. 

Order List
1 x Fennel Soup
1 x Hokkaido Scallop
1 x Duck Breast
1 x Alfonsino Fish
1 x Mango Juice
1 x Orange Juice
2 x Dessert

Last, attached my drawing pieces.

Cuisine Gourmet by Nathalie
Ground Floor, Menara Taipan,
Jalan Punchak, (off Jalan P.Ramlee)
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603 2072 4452

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : MYR444.25 (included 10% SC and 6% GST)

*Above individual item price is not include service charge and GST.

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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