Hana Dining Sake Bar, 花酒蔵

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hana Dining Sake Bar, a fushion japanese cuisine and izakaya bar located at Sunway Pyramid, Oasis Boulevard. Hana Dining Sake Bar origin are from Taiwan - Aplus Dining Sake Bar, it established in 1997.

The company logo is beautiful, especially the chinese word, myself like it very much.
Hana Dining Sake Bar just newly opened for 2 months, The boss - Eddie said currently they are using temporary menu, new menu will be publish soon, so stay tune!

New menu is available now, click here to find out more. Hana is offering a wide range of Japanese fusion cuisine, they have over 60 types of sauce and condiments, featuring 130 types of dishes and 28 sets of value meal. Most important thing is all the ingredients and recipes either comes from Taiwan or air-flown weekly from Japan.

This restaurant design is a bit unique, most of the patrons get confusion on the entrance, but luckily I'm not. Step in the entrance is a narrow corridor, turn right is the dining area, turn left is izakaya bar.
Elegant dining area with the eye catching Sakura Tree was just enhanced the environment.
The boss also said the interior design was designed by famous designer. =)

If you like to have chill and private space, their izakaya bar is the place you looking for. Compared to normal bar, same is open air concept, but Hana Sake Bar provided more privacy to patrons, outsider cannot just simply walk by. 
So guys, you guys cannot simply walk by and "kap" leng lui lo~

VIP Room is available, it can fit up to 20 persons. Suitable for company event, they provided project TV for previewing purpose. Hana Dining do have round table for VIP room and normal dinning area, because they origin are from Taiwan and chinese are prefer round table. 
So do I, because more easy to talk to each others, especially when like 8 - 10 people. Imaging you are sitting at a long table for 10 people, you're at the 1st table and you want to talk to the person sit at last table. How hard is that, right ?

We let the manager pick the drink for us, left one is peach juice and right one is berries juice. Peach juice is very refreshing, berries juice is acceptable too, I preferred peach, because no matter where, berries juice forever just taste like fever medicine. =P

Look at these beautiful sake, all look like very nice. Jozen Mizuno Gotoshi is available in the shop, do ask waitress for introduce.

Dining table set up, a little different from others restaurant is Hana provide a pack of tissue with own design cover, cool ya? Boss, can I bring it home? 

Before I start the food introduction, I want to share little knowledge i gained during this FR.
There is two different type salmon, normal salmon and trout salmon.
From below photo 1st is the normal salmon, 2nd fish is trout salmon. Trout salmon tail is flat one. Trout salmon is more expensive than normal salmon, roughly 30% expensive than the normal one. 

What related to Hana? Good news, Hana is using trout salmon for meal serving. =)

Hi Wo Tsuketa Shake Maki, MYR28
Very special sushi roll, it also have a beautiful english name - Salmon Roll on Fire. From top layer til inner : ebiko, cucumber slice, salmon, rice, crabmeat salad roll together. When the chef serve this dish, we though to makan like this, luckily the chef managed to stop us. He gonna fire the sushi roll 1st.   
Pi~ Pa~ Pi~ Pa~ The popping ebiko sound very good, taste very good also, it taste like mentai sushi. 

Ikakyuri, MYR25
This one also very special, it is not sushi roll, no rice no seaweed for this special roll. It's appertizer. Fresh squid stuffed with preserved cucumber, crabmeat salad. Served in cold. The squid cooked perfectly, fresh, bouncy meat but not feel chewy like eating chewing gum. 

Oyamaimo Shake Maki, MYR32
Hana not only particular on fresh ingredient, they also particular on the dish look. The white color cube is Yamaimo, it's mountain yam, a very famous ingredient in Japan and the orange cube is salmon (cooked), see carefully, it actually coated a layer of batter and fried.
I tried put whole pcs of sushi into my mouth, yamaimo is very very juicy and the salmon cooked beautifully, when it two combine together the taste damn good.

Sumi Chizu Tokubetsu Make, MYR25
California roll on top added melted cheese and tempura flake. Look at the cheese, chef really generous, it's so cheesy, if you are cheese lover you will like this dish.

Hawaiian Shake Harasumaki, MYR33
This dish must put in mouth with 3 minute (from the time it served). From outer layer to inner layer : seaweed, salmon, cucumber slight, ebiko and fried tempura prawn. Why it must finish within 3 mins? Because the salmon is cold one, the fried ebi tempura is still hot, when i put in my mouth that moment, make me want to sing Katty Perry song "You're hot then you're cold, you're yes then you're no" 

Tsuke Shiro Maguro, MYR25
Stunning dish, a fish taste like pork. You didn't see wrong, I didn't type wrong too. Shiro Maguro, white tuna tasted like braised pork.
This marinate tuna really taste like pork, not only the smell, the texture taste like pork also. 

Engawa Don, MYR38
Engawa is sole fish, in Taiwan they called it "Bi Mu Yu 比目鱼". As per Eddie explained, they actually took the fish fins part cooked with house sauce served with rice and egg slice. The fish fins melted in mouth, very omega, very fresh.

Kaiso To Boletus No Pasta, MYR18
Pasta served with creamy sauce, seaweed and bolestus mushroom. Texture of pasta is similar like Pan Mee, the mushroom smell not too strong. After tried that much fancy sushi, this dish actually tasted bit normal.

Nanbantei Tori Karaage, MYR18
Deep fried juicy chicken meat with seasoning batter. This dish also lose to those fancy sushi, taste normal only.

Karikari Ni Yaita Tara To Satsumaimo No Kassane, MYR28
This dish actually look like appertizer at Chinese restaurant. FRESH cod fish fillet wrapped by orange color sweet potato puree and outer that white color silk taste like deep fried mee hon.

Yuki Hitsuji to Ponzu, MYR38
Boneless lamb (english cut) grilled perfectly served with grill citrus base soy sauce. The lamb taste very good, not chewy at all.  

Kani Iri Tamagoyaki, MYR22
Omelette wrapped with crab meat, bottom layer with fresh onion, on top decor with green onion, mushroom and sesame, it served with hot plate, the sauce will be pour when it served on your table.

Shake Kawa Salada, MYR25
Fresh, greenie lettuce, salad sauce on top served with crispy salmon skin, most important is the fish skin not fishy at all. Very healthy, omega enough.

Atarashi Tori Niku Teriyaki, MYR10
This dish is new dish in Hana's Menu. Steamed minced chicken meat, egg white and egg yolk, then cooked with terriyaki sauce. Personally felt it taste soso only, not smooth enough.

Tsumetai Udon to Kaisen Goma Tare, MYR12
Stringy chilled udon served with sesame sauce,  fresh prawn and squid. The portion is small one, for me is just nice when want to try on roll sushi.

Hana Dining Sake Bar, 花酒蔵
OB2, G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, 
Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, 
47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel : +603 5624 0888

Business Hours : 
11:30AM - 11:00PM | Sunday - Thursday
11:30AM - 01:00AM | Friday - Saturday

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Sponsored

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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