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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Dear Sephora Malaysia,

This is my 1st time walk in to your outlet enquiry about cosmetic product, but it becomes my last visit too.

I visited Sephora Mid Valley branch on today (13 Aug 2015, 6.20PM). I'm very disappointed with the service!

All the staff is lazy to serve customer, they gathered at aside and chit chatting. 
I tried to eye contact with those ladies who chit chatting, but they pretended didn’t see me.
Alright Fine! I took a step forward, walked to a staff who arranging cosmetic, then she asked another colleague to serve me.

The staff named Angel walk to me and used impatient tune asked me anything I can assist? (Totally sound like I'm disturbing her little fun time with her colleague)

Me : I would like to ask about Contouring Show, is it a new product?

Angel : Not all are new product. (With that impatient tune)

Then she passed me a brochure. (This action like calling me to read myself, don’t come disturb me again)

Me : If I buy this will you guide me how to use, how to make the effect?

Angel : Har?!

Me : If I buy this will you guide me how to use, how to make the effect!?

Angel : We only tell customer how to use. (Still with that impatient tune and not even say yes, we will demo/teach/guide you how to use)

Hey Ms. Angel, I’m not owe you single cent, if you don’t like serve customer, please quit the job!

So end up I didn’t purchase the product, because I didn’t get the info I want, also not sure how to do the makeup. I believe that outside still have a lot of product that can make sculpt, as long as you have money!

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