Restoran Bubur Goreng, 潮州炒粥

Sunday, August 16, 2015

I always heard people said Klang Bubur goreng very nice, but in my real life never visit before. Really wonder how it  look  taste like, a lot of imagination come out from my mind. 

Finally, I ate my fried porridge on two month ago. Is time to update the review now.
Why pending that long only blog? Because seriously no idea how to write. =P

Restoran Bubur Goreng, a very famous restaurant located at Taman Berkeley, Klang. It's a neighborhood restaurant, corner lot, no air-cond, no fancy interior, just normal "Dai Chao" stall. Very crowded during weekend dinner time, mainly patronized by families. 

Our Order List
1 x Dai Wong Miu
1 x Pork Meat Ball
2 x Fried Porridge
1 x Salted Egg Yolk Carb
1 x Steam La La (clams)
1 x Mantis Prawn with Steam Egg
1 x Crab Fried Mee Hoon
1 x Steam Fish

* Total 11 of us for this dinner and sorry guys, there is no menu for this restaurant.

 The out look of the shop, not too old, but maybe need to touch up a bit lah..

"People Mountain People Sea" 

 Dai Wong Miu, MYR13.00
What is that ? I try to google it, it called ceylon spinach (shoot) in english. A very palatable vegetable. We order stir fried with garlic only.

Pork Meat Ball, MYR20.00
This dish make me recall my grandma's pork meat ball, the taste really close enough.
As my grandma taught me was minced pork add with crunched merry biscuit and seasoning, the deep fried with hot oil.

Fried Porridge, MYR13.00
As what I watched from food program video, they use white porridge add on dark soya sauce goring with minced pork meat, dried cuttlefish, dried shrimp, fried yam cube, on top with generous fried pork lard and "Yau Za Guai". 
Salted Egg Carb, MYR101.00 (1kg+, medium size carb)
This is dry type salted egg york carb, deep fried carb with coated salt egg. Not really nice, the carb is fresh but over cooked, all the meat stick on the shell.

Steam La La aka Calms, MYR24.00
Very simple dish as what we can cook it in house, fresh lala steam with chopped garlic and chillies padi. I think this is the best dish in this dinner.

Mantis Prawn Steam Egg, MYR36.00
Fresh Mantis Prawn steam with egg, the steam egg is nice, but the prawn a bit small, not much meat to eat.

Crab Mee Hoon, MYR124.00 (1.5kg, Medium Crab)
Fried mee hoon with carb, mee hoon is nice, "Wok Hei" enough but it got bit hard to eat, the carb shell mixed into mee hoon. This carb meat is better than salted egg, it not that dry and no stick on the shell.

Steam Ma Yao Fish aka Threadfin, MYR60.00
Soya sauce steam fish, fish is fresh and bouncy. On top add on some ginger, shallots to enhance the taste. 

The bill

Overall, I felt we have been chopped. The carb extremely not worth, they charging us MYR85 per kg and told us is medium size but it doesn't look like medium size. I ask do you have L or XL size? They said yes, XL is MYR120 per kg. We thought having seafood at Klang will be cheaper, but this lesson prove that IT'S NOT. Yi Jia charging same price for XL crab, i rather go Yi Jia then, service good, air cond environment. 

Restoran Bubur Goreng, 潮州炒粥
32 & 34, Lorong Lang,
Taman Bekeley, 
Klang, Malaysia.
Tel : +6016-686 8579

Business Hours : 04:00PM - 12:00AM

Service : 
Revisit : No, unless invite occasion
Damaged Report : MYR406.00 

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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