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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Trending cafe is getting more and more, people like new stuff, creative product. Few months back, Selfie Cafe is very hit. But today I'm not blog about selfie cafe, but is their friends, Photo Graffee Cafe House, also a photography Theme cafe, it's more professional compare to selfie cafe. Lolz. It located at Pouching Jaya, next to HaHaXiu Pan Mee.

I have a date with my girls during Raya time, they picked here for gathering. A very quick  review  post , because I only ordered drink at that day, thus cannot consider review.

Very large logo and nice design, EASY to spot them !

Make your order here. After order, waitress will send your order to your table. Half self service. 

I like the atmosphere very much, light jazz music spin around the cafe, all patrons are quietly do they work, very cozy and comfortable.

Very simple one page menu. Mainly serve coffee, they also have appetiser,salad, soup also main course like steak and spaghetti, cake and dessert is a must in all cafe, right ?

 Hot Chocolate, MYR8.90

 Caffe Latte, MYR9.90

 Orange Chocolate, MYR13.90

Grill Chicken Chop, MYR18.90
Last, my bff order this chicken chop for her princess. Not sure nice anot lah, I saw it got bit too fat and my bff didn't finish it also. 

PhotoGraffee Cafe House
5, Jalan Kenari 19A,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Business Hours : 
10:00AM - 10:00AM | Sun, Mon - Thurs
10:00AM - 12:00AM | Fri, Sat

Service : 
Revisit : Yes

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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