Kushi Raku

Monday, August 17, 2015

Kushi Raku, a traditional Japanese yakitori restaurant and beer house, opened on December 2014, official grand opening was just a week ago. 

A casual place for after work drinking, the concept is exactly like Izakaya in Japan, serving variety liquor and yakitori.

Blue banner, red wording "居酒屋" hang on the bamboo wall, also found the red lattern (akachōchinin front of their shop, because previously Japanese will hang up the red lattern as a sign of Izakaya, until now still have folks call Izakaya as akachōchin too.

Neat and cozy place with japan decorative just enhanced the environment. You can choose to sit at bar side, bar table or normal dining table. Sake, Beer, Wine, Champagne, Whisky and Brandy are serve in the house. 

I would like to have a beer 1st. The common Japanese beer you can find in Msia is Sapporo Beer, but Kushi Raku are serving Kirin Ichiban, which I never heard before. Smooth and no bitter beer, easy to drink! Really suitable for casual drinker like me. Boss, one more please!

How to win ?
1. Purchase one 4-can Kirin Ichiban pack or 2 x Kirin Ichiban Pints / Draught beer.
2. Fill up entry form and answer a simple question.
3. Submit entry form.

*This contest is host by Kirin Ichiban, head to their FB page to find out more.

Chuka Sazae Niku, MYR9.00
Marinated Turbo Cornutus, what is that? It's a sea SNAIL! You can see it from Menu, boss write it as SNAIL MEAT. The texture is very chewy, if I don't tell you it's snail meat, you will think it's jellyfish or octopus. Is a very special appetizer.

Eihire, MYR10.00
It's skate's fin, it looks similar to stingray, but is totally different species. Taste like toasted dried cuttlefish, best combination with the beer.

Shio Teba, MYR7.00
Grilled chicken wing with salt. Very crispy grill fresh chicken wing, how do I know it fresh?It can't see the bloody bone.

Tsukune, MYR6.00
Savoury grilled fresh handmade minced pork ball dipped with yaki sweet sauce.

Shio Cheri Tomato, MYR4.00
Very simple and nice skewer, cherry tomatoes sparkled with salt and grilled with prefect timing. 

So-su Bara, MYR6.00
3 layer pork belly dipped with sweet yaki sauce grilled until chacoalicious. Can't stop have this, tender juicy meat melted in mouth, oishii desu! It make me totally forgot about my high cholesterol. 

Raisu Be-Kon Maki, MYR6.00
For me this is a very special dish to me, never tried grill rice before. Japanese boiled rice wrapped with pork bacon. Ken said after wrapping, they fried it 1st, then spread with yaki sweet sauce while grilling. 

Shio Gyuuniku, MYR11.00
Grill beef ribeye with salt. Sorry reader, I'm a Buddhist, I don't take beef, so no comment on this.

Udon, MYR12.00
Very simple clear soup udon on top with narutomaki, Katsuobushi and shallots.

Ebi Tempura, MYR22.00
Deep fried fresh tempura coated with tempura flour. Crispy skin, soften inner. But the tempura coat are a bit thicker.

Sparkling Sake, MYR40.00
Light rice savoury can taste on this sparkling sake. Not sweet as pulm sake, but smooth and easy to drink. 

Last, thanks for Stella from FOODink invite me for the event. Always have surprise from FOODink, this time is a handmade menu was put on our table before we arrive.
Oh ya, the boss, Ken said they still working on their menu, the menu i got is here. Follow thier instagram or FB for more update.

Kushi Raku, 樂串
28, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603-2856 9200

Business Hours : 04:00PM - 01:00AM | Monday - Saturday

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Sponsored

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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