Important Note

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Dear Reader,

Today I'm gonna tell some important note for you all.

1. If I revisited some restaurant, I will update on the same post. It will appear on top of my blog (red box)

2. Not sure how many of you will check the post date, but I always do. 
Especially you researching food price or review. That is really important! Because I found that a lot people will said "Eh that blog's info also not accurate, the price is different", but the reader never found that blogger posted it on 2011 and they read it on 2015. Price of course got different loh. On top of the post is the date, please see the date ya.

3. Menu, listen some comment from friends, they said should include the menu in my blog, so that easy to refer and know the price range. So I added menu on my post.
But same thing like point 2, must check the date lah. Restaurant will not tell me when they gonna change menu, unless I'm very famous joh, then they might invite me for food tasting while they change new menu.

That's all, hope you guys like it. Thanks.

Love Yuki L.

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