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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello Reader! How's life? A little update from me, I'm slowing down for my blog update, because recently really got a lot of important stuff to do, I'm run out of time to update my blog, hunted a lot delicious food, I'm scheduling my time table and share to you all ASAP, ok ?

A quick update for Yummilicious. A huge thanks to FOODink for invited me for lunch at Cafe 9. When i received the invitation from FOODink - Stella, I was freaking excited, 1st time been invited for dining review. I really hope that i will have more opportunity in future.

Cafe 9, a Fusion Thai Cafe located at SS2, PJ. I found that the location is not easy to spot from the road side, I'm not a PJ-rian so I went there by using Waze. Follow Waze still managed to reach there, no worry. Another land mark for you, it's just next to Kanna Curry House.

Cafe 9 established by 9 family members, in Chinese prospective, 9 mean Forever. The boss, John hope to serve his customer with the best, forever. And also John think that customer satisfaction is the priority in this cafe.

Step into this fusion cafe, light Thai song floating in this cozy place. A lot of mix culture decoration in the shop. The elephant represent Thailand and you will see Maneki Neko and MuDan flower is next to the cashier counter, there is a lot of wall painting hang on the wall too.

Among the group, we were the 1st arrived. The boss, John is very friendly, he arranged the seat for us to wait for others. Meantime, he pass us the beverage menu and introduce the drink to us. But we were too shy to order 1st, so we said wait for others blogger and Stella arrived. Then he quickly asked his staff to serve us the plain water and the welcome drink (I named it myself. Hehehehehe...)

You see the small cup on top photo? That is the welcome drink that i mention. At first, i thought it's sour plum. After drink it only found out that I was wrong, actually it is Tom Yum soup base, but ain't spicy at all, I like it very much. Boss, may I have several cups on my next visit? 

From their shop name, you will think that they are full thai menu, but John said their menu are inspired from Thai but they have change the recipe to less spicy, to match back Malaysian taste. To create new dishes, they also mix Thai & Malaysian flavor.
Daily Set Lunch is available for everyday, including weekend. John also told us that sometime they will change their set lunch menu, so that customer can have the freshness. Full ala carte menu click here.
Cafe 9 is pork free cafe, John said the meat supplier they use is same as Kanna Curry House.

Mint Calamansi Soda, MYR10.90
Calamondin syrup mixed with Ice Cream Soda on top add in chopped mint and lemon. Taste a bit sour, salty and sweet. Very refreshing, good combination with spicy food.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup, MYR25.90 (Regular), MYR45.90 (Large)
The broth cooked with ginger, lemongrass, karrif lime leave, lime juice, tomatoes, mushroom, fish sauce, variety spices, coconut milk cooked with fresh squid, fish and prawn. For me, this spicy level is acceptable and can taste the coconut milk, very nice flavor Tom Yum.

Thai Prawn Cake, MYR18.90
Prawn cake is Cafe 9's signature dish. Deep fried fresh prawn meat coated in breadcrumb. Crispy coat with soft inner, fresh prawn taste with slightly bread smell. The prawn cake is fresh made one, so you might need to be patient to wait for this dish.

Thai Classic Fish Cake, MYR17.90
Classic appetizer for Thai restaurant, fresh fish meat mixed with chopped karrif lime leave and variety spices served in deep fried style. Must dip with the Thai chilies sauce with peanut crush. 

Cafe 9 stuffed Chicken Wings, MYR19.90
De-bone chicken wing stuffed with glass noodles, black fungus, carrot and minced chicken meat and deep fried with seasoning batter. To prepare this dish, you have to pay extra effort, after stuffed the ingredient have to cover the skin with extra careful, if not it will burst.

The Dancing Fish, MYR40 (Small Fish), MYR49 (Large Fish)
What is dancing fish? Fish singing "under the sea" and dance? No No No..
Dancing fish is mango salad with deep fried debone seabass, kitchen have cut the fish meat into cube, older and kid can enjoy it. 2 in 1 combo, very cool right? 
John said customer can taste 2 dishes in 1 price, cost saving for customer.
Boss, you are super nice, always think of customer 1st.

Massaman Curry Chicken, MYR18.90
Thai curry, thick sauce with rich coconut milk, powerful spices flavor cooked with potato, chicken, onion. A little bit hard to describe the taste, got bit taste like tom yum but with curry taste too, a different type with what I used to have green or red curry.

Thai Otak Otak aka Hor Mok, MYR23.90
Fresh seafood cook with sweet coconut flesh and served in the coconut shell, enhanced the coconut taste, make it richer and stronger taste.

Thai Curry Style Calms (La La), MYR16
Fresh soft shell calms stir fried with curry. The curry taste a bit similar with Hor Mok, but I never try this cook style before, very creative dish.

Broccoli in Egg Sauce, MYR15.90
Egg gravy cooked with broccoli. Zerm named it Wat Dan (cantonese style) Broccoli.
Also 1st time have this cook style, for me. =D

Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawn, MYR25.90
Stir fried glass noodle with fresh prawn. The prawns are not stingy at all, medium size prawn and the quantity is enough to serve all of us. 

Fried Rice with Chicken, MYR10
Look like a very simple egg fried rice with some chicken slice. But for me, i think it's a very delicious fried rice. Not every cafe can serve a wok hei fried rice, some time restaurant can't even serve that too.

John make the good selection on the dishes, he mix the light and strong flavor dish for us, this also apart of customer service provided.

Overall, Cafe 9 served quality foods and also provide good service to every customer. In additional the food portion and the price are standard price range. 

All the dishes are served. Hope you guys enjoy. 

Once again, thanks for FOODink invited me for this event. Really appreciate on this experience. 

Sweet Reminder:
1. Be patient to find car park.
2. There is only 1 round table available, please do reservation if you need that round table.

Mandarin Version : 

Cafe 9, A Taste of Thai
No. 27, Jalan 17/45, 
46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7932 2899

Business Hours : 11:00AM - 10:00PM (Closed on every Tuesday)

Service : 
Revisit : Yes
Damaged Report : Sponsored

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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