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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Aloha~ Another week passed, I know recently I didn't update that frequently, because got a bit busy recently. Dad and sis birthday, Fatherday all bumped in together.

Today yummilicious intro-ing Ticket To Korea located at Setiawalk. A business run by a young Korean couple. The shop not located at a strategy place like easy to spot, you need to head up to spot it. =)
It located at 1st floor, just around Tipsy Coffee & Yamagoya Ramen there. 

 The menu. Price for dinner is about MYR40 onwards for 1 person. Normal Korean restaurant price. 

Table for 4
Our Order List
1 x Ham & Sausage soup
1 x Sous-vide Pork Belly Steak
1 x Steam Chili Sauce Chicken
2 x White Rice
2 x Green Tea
1 x Coke
1 x Chia Seed Drink

Simple black and white theme, cozy and home feel interior deco.

They put place mat on every table. After ordered, the waitress will setup the dinnerware on your seat and continue serve the side dishes to you. Ain't like others restaurant serving you 6 or 8 side dishes, here only give you 2 side dishes, but their Kimchi is very nice.

While waiting our food serve, I saw the staff are doing fried rice, faster take photo 1st.
He is cooking cheese fried rice yo. Oh ya, cheese lover can drop by this shop, they have a lot dishes are contain cheesie.

I'm very bad. After I ordered, I told Zerm that they maggie mee bit expensive, they selling 35 bucks meh, got what so special. But I'm wrong, I think i should keep back what I said.

Ham & Sausage Soup (Medium)
It's really special, my maggie mee served in POT. Just like cooking steamboat. 
Variety ham and sausage, fresh pork meat ball, bokki, ramen and cheesies cooked in spicy kimchi broth with vegetable with pot. After the soup boiled, cheese melt in the broth and make the broth more creamy and smooth, very nice maggie. #YukiRecommended

Next, the star of the shop - Sous-vide Pork Belly Steak. 
Pork belly cooked in low temperature for 48 hours, than roasted on the grill. Served with fresh mushroom, onion and spring onion and drip with their signature BBQ sauce. 

Tender juicy meat with crispy skin, each bite is melting in your mouth. Best pork belly ever, no need cut off the fat part. MUST eat together with the fat, that is essence of the dish. #YukiRecommened

Last, Steamed chili sauce chicken (Medium). Chopped chicken cooked with their signature chili sauce with fresh vegetables. The sauce taste bit sweet not too spicy and the vegetable are soft. When you makan must dip with the sauce. 
Photo shown like 3 pcs of chicken meat, right? But it's not. We count it, it's served about half bird of chicken.

Ticket To Korea
C-8-1, Block C, Setiawalk,
Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47610 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel : +6017-610 1499

Business Hours:
12:00PM - 03:00PM | 05:00PM - 11:00PM
Closed on every Tuesday

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR177.10 (10% Service Charge included)
Average cost for 1 person: MYR45

Friendly Reminder :
* Cash only

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