Tanjung Tualang Pan Mee

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Hello Reader! How are you guys ya? I know i have MIA for 1 weeks, cause i have a serious flu on last week, but now is recovered, everything ok! no worries.

Today bring you guys to Tanjung Tualang. It is a very small town in Kinta District. I went there on end of May for my cousin wedding. Extra bonus for the wedding road trip is food hunt. My Cousin and her husband is eatery, real eatery.

After we settled down the tea ceremony, we head to this Kampung house for our lunch. I did't take a lot photo on the outlook, don't judge for outlook, it definitely served good food.

The not spicy chillies paste, smell damn good, must put this into your mee.

Add on side dishes while waiting the mee served. the fu chuk so so only, but the pork ball taste good with sotong flavor. 

Finally our pan mee is served. Can't wait to put in my mouth, but also have to take photo 1st. Very special dried pan mee, it come with "see ham" aka clam, fried anchovy, veggies, fried minced pork and a lot of fried pork lard. Don't forget add some chillies paste then toss it up. the prefect combination. The noodle texture is super bouncy. 

Enjoy. Slurp Slurp.... Boss, 1 more bowl please.

Tanjung Tualang Pan Mee

Coordinate Point: 4.324384,101.055376

Sorry, don't really know the address there, it don't even have road sign box. =(

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