Senja, The Saujana Hotel

Monday, June 01, 2015

When my boss sent me the dinner invitation email, I open up the email 1st thing is check the venue, in my heart thinking "Oh yes, Senja at Saujana Hotel, can try new restaurant again." 
At first i thought I have no chance to blog about this, because my Korean Boss don't like his staff take photo while dining. So what I can do is try my luck on that day, if the surrounding feel ok, then I will take photo. Luckily, Boss was happy that day, so i managed to take some photos.

Senja, the fine dining Italian cuisine at The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Featuring an impressive show kitchen that serves mouthwatering pizzas and freshly baked bread from a wood burning over, as well as favourite paste dishes and other Italian specialties. 
If you don't like sitting indoor, can try on alfresco dining, choose to table on the deck overseeing a picturesque lake with a live jazz band playing the background music.
Must praise the jazz live band, they really preformed very well, credited. The atmosphere become very romance make me feel like wanna dance on the floor.

Water is served once you sit down. San Pellegrino is in the house. Let's check the Menu out.

Table setting was perfectly. As understanding from the one who book the table, at first the manager ask her take the long table, but she insist want the square table otherwise she will not accept the booking. They really did it, they combine two long table become 1 square table. Credited for the customer service.

While waiting for the bosses arrive, we have ordered the appetizer. The captain selected the appetizer for us. 
Clockwise: I'm not really sure for the 1st one, taste like seafood salad, next is toast with cherry tomotoes, cheezed button mushroom, Buffalo Mozzarella Caprese with
Tomato and Basil Pesto, rolled sliced cucumber, bitterground, carrot and eggplants and the middle one is smoked salmon salad.

I have ordered Gamberoni, Paella Siciliana con Confite di Pomodorini ed olive Nere. MYR105.
It's pan seared Tiger Prawn (Shell-off) with sicilian saffron risotto with seafood and slow cooked tomato. Bouncy big tiger prawns are fresh like just caught from the sea. 
I'm 1st time having Risotto, it's taste different from our rice, but the taste acceptable.
Now flashback also swallowing.

Petto D’Anatra all‘ Arancia con Chutney di Mele e Broccoletti. MYR100
Pan Seared Duck Breast with Orange Sauce, Apple Chutney and Broccoletti. I tried the duck breast, the meat just cooked perfectly, tasted not too ducky. I like it, but my colleague said it's not ducky enough. She prefer strong ducky smell. 

Carre’ di Agnello con Patate al Rosmarino, Crema di Sedano Rapa e Salsa al Pepe Nero. MYR111
Australian Rack of Lamb, Rosemary Baby Potatoes, Celeriac and Black Pepper Sauce. I  got a small piece from my colleaugue, she ordered medium well. The meat freaking tender, I'm not a lamb lover, but I can accept the taste. Good.

My dessert of the day, the very basic normal Haagen Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream. 
My boss still joking with me said that he could bring some to me from the plane. LoLz.

Panettone Tradizionale con Crema di Mascarpone e Caffe.
Traditional Panettone “Tiramisu” with Mascarpone and Coffee Cream. Champion Tiramisu I ever had.
I think is their Signature dessert, my boss highly recommended this dessert, so I shared it with my colleague. I'm abit greedy have 2 dessert on that night. =P

Champagne of the day. (own bring)

Red Wine of the day. (own bring)

Friendly reminder for attire: Smart casual but no sleeveless shirts, no athletic wear and no shorts or sandals.

Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS,
40150 Shah Alam, Selagor, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7843 1234 ext 6122

Business Hours: 
12:00PM - 02:30PM | 06:30PM - 10:30PM | Weekday
06:30PM - 10:30PM | Weekend
* Closed on Monday

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR3000++ (Pay by boss, the figure just base on my own calculation)

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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