Yi Jia House Restaurant, 億家海鮮

Friday, May 08, 2015

Yi Jia House, origin from Johor, now they have opened branch in Klang Valley, located at Sri Petaling. New open since Sep'14. We knew this restaurant from my sister's friend, he recommended this restaurant for us.

Heard of Sri Petaling, some people will scare of parking issue. No worries for parking, opposite Yi Jia, there is a open air parking with charges. MYR3 per entry. 

 The chinese traditional interior design increase the atmosphere. We are here for mommy birthday celebration, so we reserved the table in room. 

Our Order List

1 x Yi Jia Crispy Chicken (Pre-Order)
1 x Shanghai Pork Knuckle (Pre-Order)
1 x Braised beancurd with four treasures
1 x Claypot Prawn Indo style
1 x Steam Garoupa
1 x Cheng Long Choy
17 x White Rice
1 x Cha Wang (Pot)

 First served is YiJia Crispy Chicken aka "Bian Bian Ji". My sister highly recommended this dish and she said sometimes will sold out if you didn't pre-order 1st. This is their signature dish,  I think the concept is like suckling piglet, crispy skin with thin layer of meat drip with sweet sauce. But this is not my favourite dish, because it got abit chicken smell.

Shanghai Pork Knuckle, in cantonese called this "Yuen Tai". Dong Po style braised pork knuckle, juicy ain't dry meat, if it serve with man-tau will be prefect combination. 

Stir fried Cheng Long Choy with beansprout. Tasted ok, not bad.

Indo style curry prawn claypot. Mommy miss this dish very much, she ate a very nice version before, but now the restaurant already closed down. So we will try on different restaurant. 
Her comment is still can't find that feel. For me, the prawn is fresh and curry taste nice also. I felt it's nicer than Xian Cantonese Cuisine. 

Braised home-made tofu with four treasures. What are the four treasures? It's seafood like fish fillet, prawn, not sure got squid anot, the four treasure makes the gravy very tasty. 

Ta Ta~ My favourite dish is served. Steam FRESH Garoupa with soy sauce.

The last one is dessert, Frozen Beauty. Fresh tomatoes chilled with ice water, after than peel off the skin and top sprinkle with "Chen Pi" crushed. 

2nd Visit

Our Order List
1 x Ginger Onion Fish Fillet
1 x Sambal Sotong
1 x Golden Carb
1 x Kai Lan
1 x Tofu
1 x Man Tau
6 x white Rice
1 x Chinese Tea (pot)

 Sliced fish with ginger & spring onion (small) - Snakehead sliced into fillet stir fried with spring onion and ginger. The "wok hei" is freaking good.

Sambal Sotong (small), sound like malay dish hor? The sambal not too hot and spicy, fresh squid stir fried with tomatoes, onion, green pepper.

Slurp Slurp.. The star of the meal - Golden Crab, the price is charge according to daily rate, rate on the day is MYR110/KG. The juicy fresh  meatycrab meat cooked with golden egg yolk. Highly recommended to order this cook style, the sauce is extremely good, it will leave you licking your plate. It's just prefect combo to dip with crab meat or man tau.

Stir fried hong kong baby kailan (small). It's taste mild on the veggie but bold on the sauce.

Yi Jia House Restaurant, 億家海鮮
G-42, Zone J6, Jalan Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6016 721 7822

Business Hours: -

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: 1st visit - MYR375.20 (Included 6% GST)
                             2nd visit - MYR186.90 (Included 6% GST) 

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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