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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Followed my sister and friend to food hunt at Pudu during the long holiday in May. I got serious flu that time. But nothing can stop me for food hunting. Pro anot ? 
In another view can say that I'm "Wai Sek Miao". XD

Her friend told me that there is a very nice Yong Tau Fu at Pudu, at first i thought it was Ah Koong Fishball noodles, but he said not. So I just follow his car to find out.

Ta Ta~ Here we are. Really a lot of peoples. 
As the info from my sister friends, this is an old shop, previously they have closed for renovation and now have re-open. Their famous is Curry Chee Cheong Fun & Yong Tau Fu. Timeout marked it for 4 stars, read here.

Pick your YTF and order CCF or Lou Shi Fun here, then they will send the dish to your table. I not managed to mark down our order list, cause I actually felt dizzy that day. 
I don't know the price as well, will update on next visit. So sorry my reader >.<

Air cond place. Not managed to get the table here. If I sit here that day, I think I feel more comfortable, but luckily that day not that sunny hot.

Here my curry CCF. the curry is very coconut-ish and strong flavor. Super love the top of dried shrimp floss. 

Variety of YTF, Fu Chok, Tau fu pok, Lady Finger, White Toufu and etc. The fish paste doesn't taste fishy, I think it mixed with pork. Yummy, it definately can beat the Puchong YTF. 

Yap Hup Kee, 叶合记
45, Jalan Brunei Barat (Off Pudu), KL.
Tel: +603 2148 9220

Business Hours: 09:00AM - 05:00PM | 05.30PM - 11:00PM
* Closed on alternate Tuesday.

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: Will update next visit, but for sure there is 6% GST.

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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