Restaurant De Maw, 地茂館

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Hello peeps, This post suppose to post before my holidays, but I failed. Because not enough time. So sorry for didn't update for more than a week, because I went to holiday, stay tune for the Travelicious updates ya.

Thanks to my lovely boss treated us this meal and suggested new place. So i got the chance to blog it into my yummilicious with zero cost. =D

Restaurant De Maw, i heard it's name on few years back, but never visited before. The reason is this restaurant only served 10+ tables for dinner section per day, so most of the customer will do reservation 1st. As my family style, they prefer walk-in directly, they won't do reservation.
At first I doubt on it, really that "bah bai"? After I visited, now I can tell you, Yes, they're that "Bah Bai". We went there on normal weekday but it's full house as well. While we having our dinner, continuous got walk in customers, the captain just told them that if you whiling to wait then you can sit down.

It located at Pudu Ulu consider shamelin area. Ermm, more detail is just next to PGRM.
There's very limited of table, roughly 10 table that can fit 10 pax and 2 small table can fit 4-5 pax.

Those empty table all are reserved. They served the dish table by table, luckily we booked 7PM, if late another half hours we might need to wait for one hours.

This photo is not clear enough, the lantern light wrote 龍 mean dragon. The lantern light is 12 Chinese Zodiac.

The honour corner.

Oriental Design is elevated the environment. Look like TVB drama scene right? 

From the 1st photo look like "gon char hor" right? The cook style is "gon char or" style, but the "hor" replaced by green beans noodles, it's very Q (elastic). A very new and special dish for me, but i think it's same as glass noodles not easy to digest, so if your digestion not really good one, don't eat too much.

Jimmered pork ribs with sesame peanuts sauce. The pork ribs is freaking chewy, personally not really like this dish, because it's too sweet for me.

Traditional Fried "Hea Gor". This dish also more to sweet. But it's better than pork ribs. =P

My favourite dish of the night. Steamed Star Garoupa with superior soya sauce. Perfect cook style for freshy fish is steamed. I always prefer sea fish is because they do not have dirt smell and the meat are more bouncy. =)

This is call "Cheng Bak Zai". Make sure you're "cheng bak" only can eat. =D
I'm not sure what veggies is this, but the texture is like "xiu bak choy" and the golden color pcs is fried yam. This dish named as "Yu Xiong Char Cheng Bak Zai".

Last, this dish I didn't take, because i have signed contract with froggies. Fried paddy frogs in Taiwanese Taichen style.

Overall, if you like heavy taste you can try to visit, all the dishes with very strong flavor. For me, i prefer light flavor. But once a blue moon to have some more strong flavor dish, why not? 
Oh ya, another sweet reminder for you guys. When you place order MUST place in 1 time only, you cannot add order after your order placed in. And remember do reservation before you go. 

Restaurant De Maw, 地茂館
18, Jalan Pudu Hulu, Taman Pertama,
55300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 9285 6833

Business Hours:
11:00AM - 03:00PM | 05:30PM - 10:30PM

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR380+ (As my boss said)

* The above is sheerly personal comment, only for reference. :)

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