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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

How do you know about Cleanser Brush?

  • Last year, my colleague asked my do you know about Olay Cleanser Brush and where to get it? She knew it from the show named 女人我最大. I guess she asked me is because i always climbing on the net. So here why I started research Cleanser Brush.

How many brand you did the comparison?

  • We did compared 2 brands only, that is Olay, Clarisonic. In the end we didn't buy Olay or Clarisonic. Because:-
  • Olay's brush head will rotating. We think that it will drag our skin and make the skin looseness and flabby.
  • Clarisonic is good, they have different type of brush head, for face and body as well. Most important is it didn't rotating, it only vibrating. Which is what we want, but it's too expensive.

Why do you choice Pobling / RolliB?

  • So from above two comparison we know what we want. We are looking for vibration cleanser brush with reasonable price. Continue climbing on net and we found Pobling. Read some blogger reviews, it's pretty good with reasonable price, so is it.

Which Blogger review you read?

  1.  Layrynnbites.com
  2. kimbyshares.blogspot.com

Where do you buy it?

  • I brought it from Sapphire218. I knew this shop from Layrynnbites.com. Sapphire218 introduced RolliB to me, which a new generation from Pobling.

On last year, I help my colleague to buy a RolliB 1st, she start using it since Sep'14. Until now the brush head still in good condition, the hair of brush didn't drop off and also didn't turn to yellowish. So me and another colleague buy the RolliB from Sapphire218 on mid mar'15.

I would recommeded purchase from Sapphire218. Because they provide good service and the product is ready stock, you will received your parcel with 3 working days from your payment date.

After used it for 1½ months, i decided to share it to my reader, although I not "pannai" write on product review. RolliB really helps to make your face more clean like really deep clean. Dead skin and partial of black head will be clean out too. You can see from below photo (the last pic). I felt my face is more smooth and glossy than before, especially the nose part.  

There is a lot of blogger using orange to do the review, but i'm not gonna to do that, as a food blogger cannot wasted any single of food, so i just do a simple one.

RolliB photo upload_-1-ANIMATION_zpsfnalxgbt.gif

I used it twice a week with my Laneige Multi Cleanser

1. If the brush is dry, you can wet it, a little bit is enough, because If the brush is too wet, the cleanser will drip down and go into your eye.

2. Squeeze the cleanser on the brush. (If you using milk cleanser type, you can use hand apply on your face 1st.)

3. Wet your face.

4. On the button and start massage on your face. (I do it with 20 seconds on each part of my face - Forehead, Nose part, Left/Right cheek and chin.)

5. After done the massage, i will still use my hand massage 1 more time and then clean it with water.

* This is not a sponsor or advertisement post.
* All below photos is took after i used for 1½ months.  

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