How to redeem Movie Money from TGV Cinema Movie Club?

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Updated - 11/01/2016

Hello Reader, TGV Customer Service have replied that the online redemption are no longer available. The only way to redeem is walk in to the counter and there also will be fixed redemption amount for tickets, depending on seat categories and hall types.

Yuki L.

Updated - 10/01/2016

Not sure why the google notification doesn't work, so I didn't aware of my reader comment. After three months I only notice the comment. So sorry about that.

Long time never visit to TGV Cinema, so the movie money accumulate very slow. Just now i tried to do a transaction but it's not allow me to redeem the movie money anymore. Arghhhh~ 

Let me check with TGV and get back to you all. 

Yuki L. 

Original Post - 23/05/2015

Hello peeps, do you guys still remember I have signed up for TGV Cinema Movie Club Member on my previous post? If not click on the link to find out ya.
As promise from previous post I will find out how to redeem the movie money. Finally enough money to redeem tix.

Redemption MovieMoney

1. Log in your profile.
2. Select a movie and venue, just like normal online purchase movie tix. After selected the seat come to confirm order and payment method (see below screen)

3. On payment method, select Loyalty Points, your card number will appear automatically. Don't forget tick the annoying "I have read and understood the terms and conditions"

Bear in mind that once you click "NEXT" it consider purchased!

4. Now your purchase is completed.

Important Note:
* Please make sure your movie money is enough for the redemption.
* Mobile app DO NOT have this function yet.

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