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Thursday, April 09, 2015

Hello Thursday! After a whole day prepared documentation, now is my own sweet time to update my blog. =D 

#Buangbalik last weekend of March, I forced to work on Saturday, because the closing deadline. And night time I need to balik kampung for "Cheng Meng". So my work must be completed by evening. 

For reward myself on this kuli Saturday, I drove to dabao Starbucks. While Q-ing, I look here and there and found that some new faces lay in the fridge.
I spotted Mushroom & Chicken printed on the package. I'm very excited, cause previously I always ordered their Mushroom Chicken Pie, but I can't find it nowadays. I think the most attracted me is Mushroom & Chicken this wording.
So I quickly asked the waiter, what is it? He told me is pie. I didn't think that much and straight forward ordered 1 pcs of mushroom & chicken savoury pocket and 1 Grande Ice Latte.

After dabao faster go back my work station. No doubt, my work station is at dining table. Because my room is over heat. I can't stay in room more than half an hour although aircond is on. The weather is too HOT!

Can't wait to unwrap it. Arghhhh.. 

It smell damn good. Slobbering and hand shaking while taking this photo, cause too hungry. Thanks God, still managed took a clear photo. 

When I unwrapped it, accidentally broke it to half. Ok la, since it broke, just nice for me taking photo.
Took few bites, found that the filler and pie texture is totally different with what I expected. Not as good as previous one. The filler can't bite the chicken and it just flavored with chicken stock.

Damaged Report:
Savoury Pocket: MYR9.90
Ice Latte: MYR11.50

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