Krozant Bakery & Nelson's Corn in Cup

Friday, April 24, 2015

Not sure you guys will feel hungry during evening while you working moment? I DO. Especially when i ate heavy breakfast, then my lunch will not ate too much, because the breakfast still swimming in my stomach. So when evening time i felt hungry.

Today I'm gonna share what snack usual i took at Mid Valley. Krozant Bakery opened on end of 2014. They have few flavour of selection, plain, sweet or salty. If you like more light flavor you can try Original. If you like sweet bite choice banana just designed for you.
For me, i prefer salty bakery, so cheese & herbs will be my choice. If you like more deluxe, can try on pepperoni or turkey ham. Price is from MYR3.50 - MYR6.50.

Look like croissant, right? I guess krozant was derived from croissant. But the texture doesn't same like croissant at all.
They stuffed the cheese and herb in the krozant, so every bite can tasted the flavor.

See, It still is a bread, don't let the name confuse you. =D

Sweet corn make me think of Cameron Highland. At cameron do have a lot of juicy sweet corn. When back to KL, when craving for sweet corn, Nelson will be my 1st choice, because no other place served juicy sweet corn like them, and it only cost you MYR3.80. 

Juicy sweet corn in touch of butter and salt. When you bite it, every single corn will burst out the juice.
Okay, here is my 2 small bite i used to have during tea time. Enjoy.

Krozant Bakery
LGK-09, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley City.

Nelson's Corn in Cup
LGK-05, Lower Ground Floor, Mid Valley City.

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