Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ, 火爐愛韓式燒烤

Monday, April 06, 2015

A new week ahead! Let's Korean BBQ kick-off the blue Monday. Hou Lu Ai located at Setiawalk, Puchong. Every time when I passed by it, I will ask Zerm that when can we try this? Some time he didn't see the time and answer me, how about now? That time was ten thirty night. What the heck?! It seriously attracted me. =D

So couple weeks ago, he brought me here. Deng Deng Deng. Is Sunday night when we visited, so it was not that crowded.
More closer to the shop. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. 

Outdoor, beside the pool. We choice to sit at outdoor, because the BBQ feeling is more stronger.

Our Order List
1 x 2-3 BBQ Set
1 x Pork Belly
4 x Coke

We ordered 2-3 BBQ set, every set will serve with several side dishes, letture, Pork Shoulder, pork belly, pork belly in chilli sauces and A bowl of Kimchi stew.
All side dishes are refillable. Coleslaw, Kimchi, Fish Cake, Pickle Cucumber, Pickle Anchovies, Onion and Bean Sprout.

Pork shoulder and pork belly. At first we tried to grilled them at our table, but the fire was not strong enough. Thus we have no choice to ask them grill at public pit. 

While waiting for the meat cooked, Lets drink some kimchi stew. The little spicy stew contains kimchi, onion, eggs, enoki mushroom. I felt it tasted ok, no too bad.

Top photo: The pork belly in chillies sauce. Bottom: Normal Pork Belly.
I like this more than the normal pork belly and shoulder, it's tasted stronger flavored. But not the best Korean BBQ I have had before.

Huo Lu Ai Korean BBQ, 火爐愛韓式燒烤
D3A, Ground Floor, Block D,
Setia Walk Mall, SOHO,
Persiaran Wawasan Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: +6017 399 7142

Service: ❤ ❤ 
Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR115.06 (Included 10% Service Charges)

 The above is sheerly a personal comment, only for reference. =)

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