Fukuya Authentic Japanese Cuisine, 福家日式料理

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Fukuya, one of top 10 Japanese cuisine in KL Town. Been here twice, the very first time I visit this restaurant was 2012 with company. That time, I have no idea how famous of it. Until one day, I found it's in KL top ten Japanese cuisine list. What a noob. >.<
Second visit is just recently, few weeks ago. We're here for Zerm's birthday celebration. 

The restaurant specialty is the Kaiseki Menu. It consists only fresh seasonal ingredients, most of it are air flown freshly from Japan twice a week.

The layout of the restaurant is created to bring back the reminiscent of a wealthy Japanese family home in the olden days complete with a courtyard surrounded by mock house and secret corridors. 

Our Order List
2 x Yu-Shoku Zen
1 x Hot House Pouring Sake
1 x Green Tea Ice Cream

We just want to match the environment, so we ordered the smallest portion sake in the menu - Hot House pouring Sake, it could serve in cold or hot. I think If we order a bottle both of us will get drunk.

Fine dining serving style, the appetizers. Top left is fried sanma, top right is fried fish as well, but I'm not sure the fish species, both are chilled.
Bottom left is hotate mentai, bottom right is smoked salmon sashimi. Center one is their signature uni (sea urchin) tofu.

Next, silky smooth Chawanmushi is served. On the top you will see the brown color is the mushroom, the green color is chrysanthemum leave and an orange slice. Tasted orange smell on the 1st scoop, and bottom contained the usual ingredient like gingko, chicken meat. 

Fresh sashimi is served after Chawanmushi. From the left: amber jack, Tuna and Salmon.
Look at the thick fresh sashimi. Amber Jack is bouncier than the other two. I preferred amber jack and salmon. The tuna texture is the softest one.
Yukilicious quote: "I not always eat sashimi, but when I eat, it must be the best one." =)

This is coming with Tempura Zen. Unagi zen didn't have this. It have carrot, potato in the pot, but the taste a bit weird. Not really like it. =P

Zerm's main dish - Unagi Zen. I tried the unagi, it's so much different with Sushi King one.
It's not that fishy, changed my view to Unagi. =P 

My Tempura Zen, deep fried prawns, a tail of fish, eggplant, purple potato, mushroom, pumkin, lady finger and Shiso. Usual japanese restaurant will serve dory fish or salmon in tempura zen, but Fukuya serve a small fish (not sure what species is it) from head to tail.
All zen is served with Rice, Miso Soup and pickles.

Last is dessert time. Top: sweet honey dew. When you finished the dinner the waiter will change the tea cup for you.
Bottom photo: I add on a scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream. It tasted bitter and sweet, just like first love. This is the most expensive scoop of ice cream I ever had. =)

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Cuisine, 福家日式料理No.9, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel:- +603 2144 1022

Business Hours: 
12:00PM - 02:30PM Daily Noon Time
06:30PM - 10:30PM Monday - Saturday Dinner
06:00PM - 10:00PM Sunday Dinner

❤ ❤ ❤ 
Revised: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR279.55 
(Included 10% SC + 6% GT)
* SC = Service Charges, GT = Gov Tax

The above is sheerly a personal comment, only for reference. =)

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