BBQ-K Korean Barbeque Buffet

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A huge thanks to Zerm's gang, because they treated us this for Zerm's Birthday. =D
The bashday celebration venue was selected by Wong aka Wong Dai Lei. He discovered it. 
BBQ-K is first Korean BBQ buffet franchise in Malaysia. Currently they have 3 outlets, Mont Kiara, Sunway Giza and the newest outlet at Sri Petaling.

 We visited to Sri Petaling outlet, from thier FB page, I found that this is the newest outlet also the biggest outlet.

 It's located at 1st floor. I walked to the wrong entrance - The Club Entrance. The security guard and the manager guarded me and ask me where I want to go. How embarrassed.
The staircase is on the right side of the club entrance. Don't walk wrong ya.

The K Pop mini store. K Pop fans can buy some your idol merchandise here.

 Clean and neat, spacious dining area. Definitely suitable for a party, especially for a group people.
Kids playing area. Oppa & Unni can left your kids here. This corner is far away from the grill pit and the foods area.

Variety of meat - Chicken, pork, beef and seafood. More flavored are Pork, like kimchi pork, soy sauce pork and etc.

 They also served cooked food. Like LaLa soup, some snack in fried, White Rice & fried rice.

 Side dishes like Kimchi, pickle cucumber, onion, Anchovies, Fish cake, bokki and etc.

I didn't take photo at the sauce bar, because it's a bit mess on that day. Too many patrons was there. This is one of the sauce we took, if not mistaken it's meat sauce.

 The snack bar. It's included in the buffet, you may order as many as you can finished it.

What you need to do is take this little paper clip to the snack counter.

Then put it in the white color bowl which next to the food that you want to order. The waiter will serve to your table once it's done.

The boss David & Tracy is very friendly. Keep on ask us to try on their dessert - Bing Soo.
It's similar like what we have before at Namoo.

 Last part, the surprise of the celebration. At first, me and Zerm though it's just a normal dinner as per the traditional celebration with his gang just have a dinner and that's it. But this time somebody told the boss that we are here for bashday celebration. 

So by the time we were finished the meal, the boss - Mr David brought 1 bottle and 1 can stuff to our table and told us that we know that you guys are celebrating birthday, so who is the birthday boy? All of his friends pointed on Zerm. 
He line the cups up and started to pour the bottle soju 1st, then continue with the can bottle, i guess it's a beer. Then, David used a tissue cover top of the cup and pop it, just like tequila pop. Last part is throw the wet tissue to the ceiling. Scroll down for picture.

We laugh out loud at that moment. =D 
Everyone got one cup and we toasted to Zerm in Korean style. 

And David have gave this little small pouch to Zerm, so that Zerm can present it to me. :D

The end. From the mirror reflaction you can see the gang were discussing the bill. The plant emotion just how we felt. Thanks for the treat again, guys.

BBQ-K Korean Barbeque Buffet
No 22A-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 3,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6011 3994 0013 / +6016 337 4978

Business Hours: 
11:00AM - 12:00AM (Tuesday - Sunday)

Service: ❤ ❤  ½
Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: Unknown

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