Teo Chew Restaurant, 潮州粥家

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I remember that when I was young, my parent brought me here for dinner / supper. After come back from the Doubletree Hotel, I falled sick. At first Zerm brought me to KL town thought want to try Song Kee porridge, but when we arrived the porridge was sold out. :(
So here we are here. "Sun Fu" Zerm's friend who follow our car, he thought got nice porridge, end up have to eat the not preferred type of porridge.

It's an old restaurant in KL Town. Maybe existed since 80's? 

Our Order List
3 x Porridge
1 x Salted Veggie
1 x Fried Long Bean
1 x stewed pork
1 x stewed taufu pok
1 x can fish with black bean
1 x Watercress soup

It look like zap fan but the difference is they served alot dishes that can eat with porridge like salted vege, peanut. Price range is from MYR1 - MYR10 like that. Boiled soup is MYR6.50, damaged report for this time is about MYR30+

Shop located behind Berjaya Time Square.

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