Save a Life

Sunday, March 08, 2015

1st weekend of February, me and my family did a meaningful thing, we save a life. Here the story starts.

Back alley of our house got a female cat, she ran out from house, now the owner has moved to other place, so she terpaksa stay at back alley, we used to feed her daily. Recently, she has given birth and we heard kittens meowing at the back alley.
When the mother cat came to our house, she brings her kitten along. So my mom called me to see the kitten. When i walked to the back yard, i saw the kitten was playing, but still got kitten meowing. So i decided to walk out and find out.

Follow the voice, I stop at here - the meow sound is from this small hole. So i quickly ran back home to get a flashlight.

From the lighting, I saw a kitten trapped in this hole. I told my mom that the kitten trapped and we must save it. We used up to 3 hours to save it, how do we save? We tried to use bait style, but it doesn't work because the hole is too deep. So we tried another method, found a wood piece at the back alley.

At first we just put the wood piece into the hole let the kitten climb on it, when we saw it climbed, we slowly pull up the wood, but when we able to see the kitten that moment it failed down again. This happened 3 times, we can't catch the kitten on time, due to the floor and the hole have a big gap, my hand can't reach it. After falling down 3 times the kitten was given up, he don't even want to see us anymore, he rests in the hole. He ignores us we can't do anything as well. So I gave up save it by myself and phoned nearest Bomba to help. 

While waiting the bomba arrive, I tried to call the kitten again, see whether he got respond or look at me anot. He look at me again, so I told my brother, let's have one more try. This time we used few pcs of towel wrapped on that wood because his claw can scratch on the towel so no need use much energy and not easy fall down again. And this time I ask my brother tell me when he pull until half so that I can stand by, half of my body need to go into the square hole my hand only reached the hole. So when the kitten reached the top, my hand faster catch it, only managed to save it. After we saved it, we call to bomba to cancel the emergency rescue, look like the bomba was not ready to go out as well. =(

At that moment when we saved him and I saw his condition my tears are dropping. Poor kids, look at his body condition, skinny, hurt, smelly and skinny and the fur was stuck on his skin. The next day, we have brought him to Vet for a check up, the doctor said he got ear mite and skin problem.
Now he is staying with us and recovered, we have named him Momo Yoshiko (Momo Jiang).

Stay tune for next "How to take care a kitten". 

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