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Monday, March 23, 2015

As promised on previous post, I'm here blogging about Nuffnang Birthday Event. It's the most exciting event in March. 
I found out this event from Nuffnang's blog and there is a chance for us to win the birthday invitation.

When I saw it, I'm f*cking excited. Because it's a precious chance for newbie like me to know more about Nuffnang and Bloggerati. 2nd is the theme for this party, its Breakfast at Tiffany, The Classic 1960's Look. I told myself before MUST have once 60's theme party for my life. #YOLO

So I didn't think that much and straight away join the contest. I planned to bring my Bestie to the party, but forgotten that she still travelling in Europe on that weekend, so I have no choice to chose Zerm as my partner on that day. 

The contest deadline is on 18 Mar. The next day, I keep on refresh my email, check whether I got the invitation. Keep on refreshing the email, but still didn't have.
After lunch time I tell myself one last refresh from the email, so once i got back to office try to check my email again. 
"Click" and I saw Sender --> Nuffnang. Quickly open up the email.

Look peeps. I'm invited to the bashday party. HORRAY~ 

Next I'm gonna think what should I wear. The party dress code is The Classic 1960's look. I'm really ran out of time, left 2 days time, where do I find the dress? 
And I think is impossible to buy a new dress, because it could be only wear once. 
After google, I found 1960's fashion range is huge, like skirt length - it jumped from below the knee poodle to upper thigh pelmet. 
Too many options for me, as a Libra, my indecisive symptom was outburst. 
I check back the blog page again, the Breakfast of Tiffany wordings saved me. So I decided to dress similar to Audrey Hepburn look. Mix and max what ever in my closet.

Deng Deng Deng... My OOTD for Nuffnang Birthday. I don't have long dress, so I chose a simple short dress and pearl as my jewelry. The Bag and shoe match back the Black & Gold color.

Woke up at 8AM to prepare myself for the party. Make up and Hairdo by myself. Look OK anot?

Here we are, the reception counter. Upon registering you will get a bag of freebie. You saw a lot Crabtree & Evelyn's bag at the corner, right? Yup, they do sponsored for the prize awards, but not in the freebie bags. =(

I really like this theme and the theme color. Look the back drop. Isn't it classic enough?
It's on my YOLO bucket list, must join once 60's theme party.

Thanks for Zouk KL being an official venue sponsor for this fantastic event. My 1st time been Zouk at this hour. Hahahaha..

Tim is giving speeches, introducing Bloggerati. I wish to be a part of Bloggerati

Cutting birthday cake ceremony. After cutting it, the MC - Careen asked to hold the stage for a while, and then suddenly a loud sound "Pop" all the balloons and glittering paper drop from top. It's full of surprises. Video view here.

After brunch served, continue with toasting ceremony, Blogger sharing section, lucky draw and best dress awards. I left earlier because we have another appointment. =(

The Cake Corner
The precious cup cake, mini eclairs and macaroons are made by Foret Blanc. Do visit to their FB if you would like to order some sweet delights. There is one pcs of macaroon in the freebie bag. Tried a macaroon, it tasted Alcoholic. 1st time had an alcohol macaroon. =D Thanks to 56 Degrees, added their whisky into the macaroon and serving Brand new Whiskey on that day.

My milkcow + Bee comb. Thanks to a gentleman who help me pick a bee comb for me.
Another main focus - Milkcow, thanks for serving a nice cup soft serve ice cream on the HOTTEST event. =)

I love selfie, a huge thanks to Fotobox, let me have a chance to try on photo booth.

We got a photo session with adorable Orang Utan from Strip MalaysiaStrips ministry of wax giving out MYR100 voucher to all attendees. It's just came at the right time, because summer is getting closer. 

I take participants on interesting activity organizer by Nuffnang Sale Team, Talent Team and Ads Ops team. And won a Swarovski Brooch Pin. Thanks for Garden of Dazzles.

Heineken & Strongbow were kept me hydrated on the party. Another awesome goodies is The Heineken Music Headphones. Can't wait to use it on next workout section. =D

A lot of bloggers wearing dresses from Rent A Dress. It's giving a voucher in the goodie bag too. I think it came at the right time too, because I have few events on coming May'15.

It's a very good experience for newbie like me. I got a chance to know more about Nuffnang. From the activity, I learned how to write an interesting post, how to get reader attention.
Will work harder on my blog, and join more coming events from Nuffnang. 

Happy Birthday Nuffnang once again!

Awesome happens wasn't stop here... Let's continue the last part.

I'm working REAL hard on my blog to get attention by peeps and one day I could be a blogerrati too. I'm pretty sure that Crabtree & Evelyn's Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Souffle can moisturize my ultra dry skin and the hand therapy can help to improve cuticles and nail condition, let my hand get pampering session too, they entitled for it, cause they always non stop blogging, take photo.

So Nuffnang and Crabtree & Evelyn would you present me a set of Pear and Pink Magnolia?

No matter the winner is me anot, I would say Thanks Crabtree & Evelyn! You are very generous, giving out such GREAT gift! 
Do visit their website to find out more awesome product like Gardener, La Source. =D

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