Canton Kitchen, 老招牌

Friday, February 06, 2015

Canton Kitchen is from Bukit Tinggi and serving traditional chinese cuisine since 1988.
Foon Lock Restaurant, founded in the year of 1988, is known as one of the earliest local restaurant in Bukit Tinggi that is well-established.

The founder Loo Yin Chen and brothers named the restaurant [Foon Lock] - [Joy] with the hope that all customers could share the sense of homeliness as they enjoy their meals and ultimately, to be filled with joy by the end of their visit.

Garden View Restaurant is founded in 2007. It is the first branch of Fun Lock Restaurant.
Now they have 3 branches of Canton Kitchen in Klang Valley - Selayang, Setapak and the latest one at Taman Gembira.

My 1st tried of Canton Kitchen was on last year at Selayang branch, but that time I didn't blog, so I didn't take any photo. Recently my colleague told me that they have opened new branches at Taman Gembira (Happy Garden).

So we visited here on last two week for my boss birthday celebration.

Canton Kitchen does have a nice dining atmosphere. They decorated the restaurant into retro feel, I guess like 80's? Enjoy the photo I took.

Our Order List
1 x Steamed Talapia Fish in Teo Chew Style
1 x Signature Homemade Beancurds
1 x Wolfberries White Fungus Steamed Chicken
1 x Four Heavenly Kings
1 x Stir Fried Crispy Pork
1 x Fish Maw and Pig Stomach Pepper Soup
1 x Claypot Veggie

Steamed Taliapia with Teo Chew Style. The fish is fresh and the Teo Chew style is bold enough.

Signature Homemode Beancurds. The gravy, fried minced pork & long bean are taste light not salty, but the beancurds is not smooth enough. 

Wolfberries and White Fungus steamed chicken. Taste so so only. 

Lady finger, Long bean, Egg plant and Four angle bean stir fried with XO Sauce and dried shrimp.

Stir fried Crspy Pork. A bit too sweet and not crispy enough. 

Fish maw, pig stomach pepper soup. I think too many ingredients in this soup and make it not that fancy. 

Claypot Veggie actually is our normal Lo Hon Zai. I felt it's normal so so only.

Overall their dish style is more to light and healthy, so if you are bold taste person, maybe you will feel it's tasteless.
Their 1st impression for me is not really good, cause we have called for reservation and requested for room, and they said ok, no problem, but upon we arrived, they said room only valid for 12 pax and above. 
2nd, on the day we visited, their kitchen has system/human trouble or messed up, Some patron didn't get what they ordered. Luckily our dishes are all served.
3rd, I guess due to the kitchen's trouble/messed up they stick "CLOSED" on the door at 9:30PM. 

Ok lah, I stop this food log here. Good Night.
Love Yuki. 

Jalan Senang Ria, 
Taman Gembira, 
57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel: 012-920 1801

Business Hours: 11:00AM - 11:00PM

Service: ❤❤½
Revisit: Consider Status
Damaged Report: MYR199.50 (Included 10% SC + 6% GT)
* SC = Service Charges, GT = Gov Tax

The above is sheerly a personal comment, only for reference.

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