Paradise Inn, 樂天客棧 & Jipangi Ice Cream

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paradise Inn located at Sunway Pyramid. This is the 2nd time I visited them, the very 1st time was couple years ago.. Hehehehe 

We got attracted by their interior design, then we check on their food menu as well, signature double boiled soup and pork belly bun is the one I would like to try on. 

Traditional concept of a Chinese inn and bring it to a new level of sophistication with a contemporary Oriental ambience replete with little details like contemporary Chinese lanterns and turquoise design mirrors.
Recommended by Chef

Our Order List
3 x Pork Belly with Lotus Bun
1 x Ma Po Tofu
1 x Thai Style Charbroiled Pork Collar
1 x White Rice
2 x Pu Er

Do you think the dishware very nice ?

Our Pu Er, it's not the best I have ever had. Consider Ok only.

Pork belly with lotus bun. Savory, juicy pork belly wrapped in soft and fluffy lotus bun. Compared to the 1st time I had, this got less gravy. 

The best Ma Po Tofu i ever had. It's really "ma lat". It's not spicy, but after you ate it, you will feel your mouth like numb feel.

Thai Style Charbroiled Pork Collar. Flavourful pork collar, but the Thai sauce is the normal type.

This time we didn't order double boiled soup, cause Zerm's home have soup waiting for us. Paradise Inn is having CNY Set Menu. Click here for more info. If you're Pork Lover can give a try on Paradise Inn.

Paradise Inn, 樂天客棧
OB3. LG1.7 & 1.8, Lower Ground One,
Oasis Boulevard, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
Tel: +603 5637 8822

Operating Hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Service: ❤❤❤
Revisit: Yes
Damaged: MYR75.40 (Included 10% SC + 6% GT)

* SC = Service Charges, GT = Gov Tax

After dinner, we head to Jipangi. It's a korean dessert shop from Seoul. We decided to have a try, it's an exception try. Because both us of don't really take dessert. XD

It's granded open on that day, the promotion they have is buy two get one free. Quite crowded that day. Choose your favor, Vanilla, Chocolate or mix. Single favor cost you MYR7, if mix will cost you MYR9.
The staff is stuffing the ice cream into the J shape cone. I felt the ice cream is too waterly and not smooth enough. The crunchy J cone is much thicker than normal ice cream cone and it's corn favor.
LG 2.75A, Lower Ground Two,
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall.
(Next to The Loaf Bakery)
Tel: +603 7782 9201

Operating Hours: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

Service : ❤❤❤
Revisit: No
Damaged: MYR7.00

* The above is sheerly a personal comment, only for reference.

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