Li Heng Fatt Hor Hee, 利興發河嘻

Friday, January 30, 2015

Today's post is a bit short ya, because I was here with my manager and this shop is very simple shopLast week, I was in Ipoh for meeting, then my manager brought me here.

 The shop outlook, it located at near by "snow flower beer". Most of the patrons are local Ipoh-rian, look like not much tourists. Is one of Ipoh colleague intro this shop to him. 

In this shop only a Hor Hee stall, and a Lok Bak stall.

Deng Deng Deng... Clear sweet soup with fresh fishball, fish paste wantan and some fishcakeThis is a really nice hor hee. Champion Hor Hee that I have ever had.
We order 1 big 1 small, it cost us MYR7.80 (if not mistaken).

Li Heng Fatt Hor Hee, 利興發河嘻
Jalan Panglima

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