HoHo Steamboat Restaurant, 好好海鮮火鍋之家

Friday, January 16, 2015

After Hi-Tea with my girls, we headed to Sri Petaling meet Zerm's bro for dinner.
The venue was selected by Wong aka WongDaiLei. Today's Yummilicious featuring his selection ya.

If you recalled, I did blog about Ho Kee Steamboat, you probably think are they're sister company? Because the name look alike, and also same from Pulau Ketam. At 1st I also thought they were sister company. But after doing some research, I found that it's not.

The style is similar with Ho Kee, they only have clear soup, no others selection. When we arrived, they have made the order. 

The Menu
Our Order List
4 x Set Dishes
1 x Otak Otak
1 x Fried BeanCurd
1 x Oyster Mushroom
1 x Sliced Pork Meat
1 x Signature QQ Taufu
1 x Meat Ball with Minced Pork
1 x Chinese Tea
1 x Warm Water

Chilies sauces is really good taste. No wonder it appears on menu. You may purchase their's signature in house chilies sauces. 

The variety of "Balls" is similar to Ho Kee as well. No sure if order 1 pax will more than Ho Kee anot. Let me find out next time. Give me some time ya
Ala carte add on for those "Balls" or vege is from MYR5.90 - MYR11 (for regular size, except for Seafood). Seafood count per gram, price depends on what you order.
I felt their sliced pork meat is abit over price, it cost you MYR16.60 per plate.


 Otak Otak, MYR 10 per plate. Forgot to count how many pcs. =\ 

Let's the steamboat start! The soup is sweetness and less salty compare to Ho Kee. They have 9 branches, located in Klang Valley and Johor. Will you give them a try? For branches detail can click on below link to find out more.

No.19, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +6012 289 3119

Service: ❤❤❤
Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR134.30 (No Tax)

* Non Halal 

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