Coco Steamboat, Coco火鍋海底爐

Saturday, January 24, 2015

It's been a week that I didn't update my blog, I'm busy for food hunt and workaholic. This week has happened a lot stuff, my guinea pig just passed away on today.
Alright, let's get to the main point, yummilicious featuring - Coco Steamboat. This is not unfamiliar right? I believe 70% of KLian have tried it before.

Coco steamboat HQ is at Cheras, Taman Taynton View, 1st branches is at Old Klang Road, previously it located next to Hyundai Service Center (Towards Jalan Puchong)

Now it has moved to the shop lot near by pearl point, previously was Honda Service Center (After fortune Furniture, before Restaurant Three Pot). The 2nd branches are located at Puchong Jaya. 

Deng Deng~ Brand new logo is huge enough, you definitely can see it.

The reception Counter? Hahahahaha.. I named it myself. Cause from the entrance you can see it, the opposite this counter they have put some chairs, it's for Q up purpose. Let the patrons have a place to wait. We didn't make any reservation, because reservation must arrived there before 6PM, if you can't make it, they will consider you as walk in customer as well.

See the new venue is huge like multi purpose hall, if you're going on weekday, you no need to worry about Q up issue. =D
We still make fun with this, next time can consider doing wedding dinner at here. Lolz..

Introduce pork bone broth
New venue, New Signbox, of course the Menu will be new as well. Their famous soup base is the pork bone broth.

Winter melon longan Luo Han Guo. It served by jug.

Our Order List
4 x set menu
1 x Pork Bone Soup base
1 x winter melon longan luo han guo
2 x water chestnut carot tea jug
1 x lamb slice
1 x pork slice
1 x abalone slice
1 x Tong Oh
1 x chinese spinach
1 x golden mushroom
1 x stuffed meat ball
1 x cheese beancurd
1 x sweet corn
1 x hokto bunapi
1 x handmade squid ball
1 x handmade taufu pok

I think Chili is a must for steamboat. Especially not spicy soup. XD

 4 Pax steamboat ingredients. Including variety fishball, fish noodles, tou futou fu pok, fu chok, freshy fish & prawn, crab stick, wong ah pak & dumpling.

 The set is including yee meemee hon and egg.

 The pork & lamb sliced nicely. Not too thin and not too thick. 

Our additional dishes, like tong oh, chinese spinach, sweet corn, golden mushroom, meat slice, cheese taufu and etc. Price average from MYR4.90 - MYR12.90 (Not including seafood ya)

Start eating already, I have to put down my phone here. Bye~ Detail refer below ya.

Coco Steamboat, Coco火鍋海底爐
No.2, Lorong Jugra Off Jalan Batu 3, 
Jalan Old Klang Road,
58700 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 019-277 6596

Service: ❤❤❤
Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR254.30 (Included 6% Gov Tax)

* Non Halal

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