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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Today I'm going to share the dental I visited on last Saturday. This is not an advertisement or commission earnings post, just that I think that it's good dental and I want to share with my friends. Sharing is caring mah, right?

I'm afraid to see dental. Not sure why, just dislike to see dental. But recently one of my molar teeth have a little bit painful and my scaling and polishing is scheduled at year end, so let's do it in one time.

Previously I usually visited to Dr. Wong and partner at Sri Petaling. But after my cousin recommended White Prefect, I just give a try on them.

They have 2 branches. 1st at Taman Connaught, another one at Cheras Business Center (Yulek).

I went to Cheras Business Center, because the recommended doctor - Dr. Chee base at here. =)

Extremely nervous while waiting for the nurse call my name but 1st let me take a selfie. =P

After 10 mins wait, the nurse called my name, walking in I felt my body was shaking. I saw two Rilakkuma cup putting beside the dental chair. Scare until forgot to take photo

* Source from White Prefect Facebook Page
So adorable paper cup, but I still very nervous, it doesn't help on decrease my nervousness. Maybe this works on kids. XD
My brother do visited them on last two weeks but he didn't have this paper cup. Lolz..

Say AH... The doctor starts to check my tooth. And found that last two molar teeth have a big hole, she suggested to take out the old filler 1st, cause she wants to know how deep is the hole. In my mind was thinking What The Heck?! 
I tell Dr Chee that I scare of pain, then she said if like this better take anesthetic injection. 

She start polishing the OK tooth, after finish polish and cleaning. She told me going to inject anesthetic, I open my eye and saw the needle is quite big and I starting nervous again. 
Dr Chee asks me to breath in and out. When injects time, I felt my body numb and goosebump. After 30 second later, my mouth can't feel anything more.

In conclusion Dr Chee told me the hole is very deep, she took out all the old filler and put in the medicine, and I have to monitor it for 2 weeks time. If in this period the teeth didn't pain, then can put in new filler. If it's pain then have to do root canal treatment (RCT). 

Gonna suffer another time after two weeks later.      T.T

White Prefect Dental Surgery
34-5, Jalan 5/101C, 
Off Jalan Kaskas, Jalan Cheras,
56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 9133 9068

Revisit: Yes
Damaged Report: MYR165

* Please make an appointment or give a call before you visit there, otherwise you will need to wait.

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