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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas to all friends and reader. How was your's Christmas eve? Does it awesome happened? Well, I have an extreme and heart beat fast Christmas eve, just because of Photobookmart

Here the story starts.
We planed to make our lovely boss a photo album as a Christmas Present, so we bought the voucher from LivingSocial

On the voucher have provide us the instruction and T&C. 

The Instruction
1) Download the NEW My Photo Creation ( and start to create your own photobook
2) Once completed, send your design online by clicking on "Send to Photobookmart" button in the photobook software
3) Key in voucher code & enter the same voucher code as security code for redemption
4) Redemption guide at
5) Track your order status at (
6) Enjoy!

We follow the instruction to do our artwork. Credited to RC, AL & SW, three of them work it out until 12AM. Final artwork was submitted on 04 Dec, 2014. 

After submitting the final artwork, the staff contacted RC said that self pick up is no longer available, they will use courier service to deliver our order, but we still have to pay additional 10 bucks for courier charges.
When RC told me, my mind comes out with What The Heck!? Because I think that it's their own problem, unless your T&C have stated that no self pick up and the promotion price should include the courier charges. It makes me feel like forcing us to pay the 10 bucks. Forgive them, just praying hard that we can get our order before Christmas.

Time is getting closer and closer, but we still didn't receive our order. Last week, I tried to call to their shop want to check the order status. But unfortunately, this phone number +603 7984 8818 is terrible hard get thru, it always nobody answers the phone call. I have called them since last Tuesday, they have answered my call twice only. Last conversation is they said will courier it by this week and we can get it before Christmas eve.

On Monday, we still didn't receive it and we continue to call them, but the call forever ever nobody answer. So AL said she will drive there tomorrow morning and find out what's wrong with this shop and get our order.

After she visited the shop she called back to tell me the story. Everyone in the shop is busy, so no one will answer the phone, the staff told her that our order was ready, AL told her want to collect now, but after half an hour search, the staff couldn't find our book.
So AL told them that we need the book. They said reprint it now asked AL willing to wait for half an hour. But that time AL have appointment with clients. So ask them ready by tomorrow morning, she will drop off and collect it.

The next day morning, AL collected the book. And guess what happened again?
The book layout is totally different with our artwork and the book look like very. And we have to present it to our boss at lunch time. Force to take it also. 

The inner page doesn't center enough, thus the book like devious.
It's easy to break it.
Then we told RC about it, she pissed off and call to complain. The staff said will reprint again and will get despatch boy to deliver to our office by 11.15AM. 
The Christmas Lunch at 12PM and the venue not at mid valley, there is a distance from our office to drive there, we have to depart by 11:30AM. And the despatch boy not arrived yet. 
Our heart beat getting faster and faster and planned worst decision is visit to boss' house on today.
Luckily, the despatch arrived about 11:30AM, and we checked the book, everything looks fine and better than the 1st book. But last two pages the layout is different with our artwork as well, nothing we can do also.

I know they have replaced a correct book to us in the end, but sorry to say that I will not purchase anything from this shop again. It's too much incident happened from start to end.

No 16, Ground Floor, Jalan 6/116B,
Kuchai Lama Entrepreneur's Park,
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama,
58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 7984 8818

Operating Hours: 09:00AM - 06:00PM
Monday - Friday

Repurchase: No
Damaged Report: MYR65

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