Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant, 日本海日本料理

Saturday, December 06, 2014

On Thanksgiving day, we have a birthday celebration for my dearest Colleagues - Sugar Mama. 

The venue was picked by her. We headed to Nihonkai at Old Klang Road after work. I've been there couple times, but never blog about it before. It's time to blog about it. Nice choice, Sugar Mama.

I tried quite numerous Japanese restaurant, but not much as other food blogger. I felt Nihonkai is in the cheap price range compare to others Japanese restaurant that I had before.

So lucky managed to get a room. Cause there is 8 of us, I can't imagine the scene if we are sitting at public area. 
I guess probably we will get complaints from other patrons. Or in the worst case is blacklisted by Nihonkai. XD

Let's check the menu. Don't forget to comment if you agree it's in cheap price range. They do have ala carte menu as well. Check it out on your visit. 
Lunch Menu
Our Order List
1 x Seafood Special
2 x Nihonkai Special
1 x Shakedon + Torikatsu
1 x Salmon Shioyaki
1 x Mixed Tempura
1 x Saba Shio
1 x Veggie Mixed Tempura
3 x Edamame

We have a lot of fun while waiting for food serve. Non stop selfie. 
The Birthday girl got the 1st serving. 

Seafood Special set. Salmon, squids, prawn with grill. MYR27.00

Shakedon + Torikatsu set. Salmon Don with katsu chicken. MYR34.00

Salmon Shioyaki set. Grill freshy salmon with salt. 
1st time saw the set served with 2 slices of salmon, I would say is eating salmon steak instead of kaiseki

Mixed Tempura Set. My all time favorite. Freshy salmon, dory fish and prawn deep fried with tempura batter. How can a tempura serve without veggie? Yes, they do serve pumpkin, carrot, lady finger, eggplant with crispy tempura batter. MYR23.00
Oh ya, they do serve tempura set with veggie only. It's designed for vegetarian. MYR19.00.

Miso Soup

Each set is served with 2 side dishes, 1 chawanmushi, 1 miso soup and green tea. 
I felt it's a great place for gathering, please book it in advance, so that they manage to reserve the room for you. It's not the best in the town, but in term of good quality food and price, why not? 

Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant, 日本海日本料理
4-2, Jalan Telok Gadong,
58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-7982 3668

Business hours: 12:00PM - 03:00PM, 05:00PM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday

Revisit: Yes
Damage Report: MYR236.50 (Included 10% Service charge)

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