My Nasi [Closed Down]

Monday, December 01, 2014

In November there are a few new faces in Mid Valley, such like the famous one Magnum Cafe & Tim Ho Wan. But this two new shop I have not tried yet. Cause they still always in long Q status.

Since my work place is in Mid Valley, I'm telling myself that let's try to review all the restaurants in Mid Valley and The Gardens. Does it sound easy? But not for me, sometimes I will forget to take photos, cause I only have 1 hour to have my lunch. And sometimes I will order the same foods from the same restaurant. =(

My Nasi is selling local delight, they are Nasi Lemak Specialist. It is replaces the previous shop name Kung Fu Paradise. It's belongs to Paradise Group as well. 

A casual dining self-service concept, they provide a quick and convenient meal for those on-the-go, thus the menu is simple.
The Menu

I have been there 3 times. 1st time I have ordered Mee Rebus, 2nd time I have ordered Nasi Lemak, and 3rd time I have My Laksa as my lunch.

 Mee Rebus, it doesn't taste like what we usually have at mamak stall. The gravy are more rich and luscious. MYR8.00

Mee Hoon Goreng, I haven't tried this yet, but my colleague have ordered this. Her comment is so-so, if the mee hoon is hot, it will be better. MYR6.90

Nasi lemak is pretty good. The rice is rich of coconut milk, sambal is not too spicy, is acceptable for me, cause usually I don't take hot & spicy. MYR6.90

 Korean Shin Noodle, just like normal instant noodles adds on with a slice of chicken luncheon, veggie and egg. MYR9.90

My Laksa, at 1st I thought it's asam laksa, but the cashier told me it's not. So I have given a try. It actually tastes like curry mee. Milky curry soup base served with thick rice noodle, Tau Fu Bok, fish cake, cockles, bean sprout, egg and sambal. It's not spicy at all. For spicy lover, this may not suitable for you. MYR8.90
Bear in mind, it's very milky. If you like that penang white curry instant noodles, you may try this. 

* Above price is not including tax.

My Nasi
Lot LG-074A, Lower Ground Floor,
Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2202 3099

Business Hours: 08:00AM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday

Revisit: Yes

* 10% Service Tax
* Halal

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