Ippudo The Gardens Mall, 一风堂

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Ippudo The Gardens Mall branch opened at the end of 2013. If not mistaken, it has replaced the shop name Spice of India.

I have been there for few times, the 1st impression was very very bad. 
Last year we planned to have a company lunch at this restaurant, there were 15+ of us. To avoid waiting or Q-ing, we called for reservations, but they don't allow us to make any single reservation. 
Alright, fine then. Our backup plan was a few of us arrive the restaurant earlier, so we could get the table 1st. But they don't give us the table unless all of us have arrived the restaurant.
So my colleague argued with them, but they still insist on this suck policy. 
I'm not sure why they are insisting that "all patrons must arrived" rule. 
I felt it didn't make sense at all. Will you ever tell your boss that pleases Q in front the shop? If you're this kind of organizer, you are a failed one ever.

Another time was they put us (about 12-15 pax) in a tiny room. We can't even move at all. Just like  side by side  skin by skin to your next one. 

So after all these cases we faced before, we will not go there for company lunch if there are 10 people and above.

Last two weeks, we got a sales team lunch. My manager decided to go there, so we just followed because of the free meal. =D

Yuki's rules for free meal: Order the set lunch if it's available. So that in future your boss will still bring you along. 

They always do have lunch promotion, click here for the menu. Full Menu are here.

You may chose Ramen Set or Rice Combo for set lunch.
Ramen set: 1 Ramen + 1 Side Dish or Dessert + 1 Green Tea
Rice Combo: 1 Rice + 1 Soup + 1 Salad or Dessert + 1 Green Tea

I've chosen Karaka-Men + Crispy Salad + Hot Green Tea for this time.

Crispy salad, I have no idea of the top crispy thing. Freshy veggie with sesame salad dressing. In love with this salad.

Karaka-Men, original tonkotsu broth with spicy miso, cashew nuts and ground pork.
I tried 3 types of soup, I still prefer spicy one, and the noodles always go for hard. 
But this time it didn't taste nice. I'm not sure whether is I have had something better than this, or their food quality level dropped. And a little disappointed with the noodles, it's not hard as what I expected. 
p/s: Lesson from I learn, for this kind of ramen I always go with spicy soup. Cause if I order original soup, i can't finish it.

We have added on for Shiotamago. The egg cooked perfectly, the yolk is half boiled.

Seasonal Chef Specials - Ippudo Teba Saki Gyoza. *Recommeded*
Deep fried chicken wing stuffed with minced meat. A very special chicken wing, right? 

Raspberry Sorbet
Peach Sorbet
Last, dessert time. Peach flavor is nicer. Stolen a scoop from colleague's dessert. 

Ippudo The Gardens Mall, 一风堂
Lot-T218, 3rd Floor, (Next to Sushi Zanmai)
The Gardens Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-2201 6238

Operation Hours: 10:30AM - 10:00PM
Monday - Sunday

Service: ½
Revisit: If there is a free meal, personally I think I will not revisit.
Damage Report: MYR34.68 for a set lunch (Included 10% Service tax + 6% Gov tax)

* Non Halal.

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