Homemade Soya Milk, 自製豆漿

Monday, December 08, 2014

It's been a long time that I didn't post about cookilicious. XD 
Is holiday season now, and recently got not that stress and busy so I decided to cook something for my families. So I chose to make soy milk. I remember that I make it once before, but couldn't find the recipe in my blog, I was totally forgotten last time recipe. To avoid forgetting the recipe again, I decided to blog it. I google it, and got the recipe from Christine's recipes.

600gm - Soya Bean
450gm - Sugar
????ml - Water (sorry I didn't measure the water, if not mistaken is about 3L and more)

1st, wash the beans cleanly. Then pour in the clean water (water level must over the beans' surface), let the beans soak in the water at least 8 hours. I put them over night.

Next day morning, you will see the water surface like very dirty and bubbled. No worries, it's normal. Just wash them again. 

Now you can put the beans into the blender, the ratio i used is 2:3. Then blend it.

Soup Bag

Squeezing time, put in the blended soya bean into the soup bag, then squeeze it.
I tell you this is the hardest time for handmade soy milk. It used up all my energy to squeeze the soy milk. 

After squeezing all the beans, I sift the soy milk again. Why? See the next picture you will understand.

See? It still has the dross, so my advice is sifted it again.

Put in the pandan leaves to upgrade the sweet-smelling. And used medium fire to boil it. 
And if you like to have some sweeties soy milk, you can add when it's boiling. 
I accidentally added too much sugar, so it's a bit sweetly. :(

Ta Da~ We are done. 

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